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My poor son… he tried to create a pill for… energy, I think, for his school project, but there were strange, indecipherable effects on the mouse he tested it on. He was so disappointed. But… then, I found what must have been a sample of his energy pill. What’s a mother to do but try out her brilliant son’s concoction to prove to him that it does work, at least a little bit? It must; he’s so smart! But you know… I remember taking the pill but… all I remember is then losing track of time, somehow, and my son was home from school again, looking at me strangely, and my clothes were strewn all around me. I must’ve… decided to take a nap or something. And I really thought that my son’s experiment would be successful.

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Sweetheart, I noticed you looked sad when you came home today. She broke up with you? Well… she wasn’t right for you anyway. Mommy knows her little boy. Mommy says she knows you’re into bigger women because of your porn search history. Don’t worry. It’s normal for boys to get hard for women who look like their moms! She convinces you to let her give you a massage but things escalate quickly. You can’t believe how hard you get as she teases and strips for you. She was right. You like thick women because secretly you’ve always liked Mommy’s body. She sucks your hard cock and finally climbs on top. Her pussy is tighter and better than you ever imagined (and you’ve definitely imagined it plenty of times). You don’t last long but with enough practice you’ll be able to please Mommy as much as she pleases you.

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This is a roleplaying as your mommy who notices your hard on, and can’t help but insist on letting me help. Mommy gets on her knees to be a good slut and suck your hard cock, slipping off my robe and sucking it deep & good. I am getting so worked up submitting to you and making your cock feel so good in my mouth, I ask you to get on the bed so mommy can fuck it. I show off that big ass of mine as I ride you, talking dirty, and enjoying myself with you. You ask if you can fuck me, and I happily insist, spreading my legs, I let you get on top and give it to mommy, making my big tits sway up and down, until your ready to blow that big huge load mommy’s been waiting for, I get on my knees and happily take it all over my face, mommy is so happy to help you with that hard cock & receiving that extra nice load.

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Penelope Peach – Mommy’s Sex Ed BJ FullHD mp4 [American / Fetish Friendly Customs/2018]

Added: 2/8/18 3:52pm

Mommy heard you were asking your father about the female. Shes sure he was thorough but a woman’s take on her own pleasure is so much different. Mommy will show you. She teaches you all about her nipples, getting wet, and how good rubbing her clit feels. She can see you getting hard and ensures you its normal. She wants to see you stroke for her. You watch her cum with her vibrator on her clit and she notices you’re still hard. Don’t worry. Mommy will help you. She gives you an amazing blowjob and begs for you to fill her mouth with cum. You watch it drip out of her mouth and she encourages you to come back with any more questions you have.

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Danni Rivers, Kyle Mason – Let Me Borrow Your Cock – Family POV Porn Video SD mp4 2018

Danni Rivers is a hot little piece with a need to get her bald pussy banged. Since she’s between boyfriends, she chooses her stepbrother Kyle Mason and sends him a message asking him to join her in her room. When he joins her, she propositions him to fuck her so they can use each other for sex. Although Kyle hesitates, his spunky stepsister is persistent and he eventually agrees. Danni seals the deal by whipping out Kyle’s dick and complimenting him on how big it is as she leans in to suck and stroke his stiffie.

Pulling up her shirt to show off her magnificent little titties and diamond hard nipples, Danni presses Kyle’s hand right where she wants him. Then she rolls onto her back to peel her panties off so she’s down to just her socks below the waist. That’s all the invitation Kyle needs to shove his cock into her tiny bald pussy as she encourages him with moans of delight.

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Anna Bell Peaks – Making My Step-Mom Squirt – Premium Incest Video SD mp4 2018

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Anna Bell Peaks is one hot step-mom. Her step-son, Tyler Nixon, was spying on her as she was changing. However, he got a little too close and got caught. This is when she went all in, Anna Bell Peaks shoved her step-son’s face into her tits. From there, she made him eat her pussy and soon after she was choking on his cock. Anna Bell Peaks got her pussy stretched by her step son in several different positions before receiving a giant load all over her face.

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Eve Ellwood and her stepbro have a nit of a sibling rivalry thing going. After he snitches on her, she decides to get some good old fashioned revenge. When he comes home and goes to lay down in his bed, she sneaks in and snaps a video of herself rubbing her ass all over on his face. When he wakes up, he is confused by the smell on his upper lip, but does not think much about it. That is, until he grabs his vibrating phone and finds out what Eve was up to while he was in bed! He storms into the living room only to find her laying innocently on the sofa with her ass in the air. He is livid, but once his eyes fix on the firm roundness of her ass cheeks, his anger melts away replaced by desire. His cock spring to attention and does not go unnoticed. She makes him promise not to tell mom and dad before letting him fuck her from behind. He fucks her over the arm of the sofa and against the doorframe before feeding her his cock. Hopefully mom and dad will never come home.

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Nyomi knows you have to eat, today it is going to be your own cum. She keeps your cock and balls on a leash and sticks her long fingernails into them. She makes you hard, She controls your cock. You plead with her to let you cum and maybe she will. But only after She has had her fun. Spitting into your mouth and making you swallow it. Spitting and slapping your cock. Keeping your cock on the edge. When you beg to cum and beg to eat, She has tricks to coerce you to satisfy both needs, and still make you suffer. She is going to feed you your own cock filth. “You are dirty, Junior, that why you like My Spit and your own Nasty Man Juice.” She has made it all creamy inside your balls. Now She is going to make you jizz in your own mouth and while She makes you swallow it all, She makes your cock hurt by jerking it even faster. “CUMMING HURTS JUNIOR. SWALLOW IT ALL.”

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