Jerky Wives Melanie Hicks, Ricky Spanish – A Mother Son Celebration – First Kiss Mommy – Mommy Try Anal Fuck FullHD 2018

Scene One:
Mother and Son, Melanie and Ricky, enter their house; at night, dressed very nicely, in a very festive mood, very slightly wasted. Melanie says, “That was great! I haven’t had such a good time in forever!” Ricky says, “Hey some things are worth celebrating.” They hug warmly for a moment, the mother tries to pull back and then tries to semi-push him off. She stares into his eyes for a moment, slightly startled and searching with her eyes. She locks eyes on him, takes his face in her hands and they kiss on the lips, she pulls back with a shocked look on her face. They stare at each other, move slowly and gently into each other’s arms and begin kissing, slowly and romantically at first and then passionately. He slams her against the wall, she spreads her legs and grabs his ass and begins pulling him into her while starts to dry hump her.

They make out for a little while, making out really hard with arms wrapped around each other. She reaches down, unzips his pants and pulls out his pecker and he pulls off her panties. They have sex against the wall, EVERY time Ricky thrusts up into her she cries, “Oh God!” He bends Mom over the couch and fucks her till they cum and they both collapse onto the couch, breathing very heavily.

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Taboo Diaries – Alice Merchesi – Play With Me Daddy – I’m More Fun Than Pool SD 2017

Added: 2/10/17 4:50pm

Dear Diary,

After Daddy came in my room that night I was on cloud nine. I spent days waiting for the chance to get him alone again. It finally came Saturday when Mommy went shopping and Daddy was gonna work on the garage. When I walked in he was playing pool all by himself so I asked him to play with me instead. Daddy took the hint and lifted me onto the pool table burying his head between my legs.

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Taboo Diaries – Lucie Kline Touch Me There Daddy – So I Don’t Get Pregnant – Daughter Fantasy SD 2017

Added: 2/17/17 7:12pm

Dear Diary,

After that first time with Daddy I wanted to do it again but I was soo nervous. Daddy cumming inside me felt really good but I can’t afford to get pregnant. Needless to say I had to find a solution to make us both happy. I was touching myself earlier and when I touched my butt I got the perfect solution, anal sex.

I immediately started stretching my butt and as soon as I was ready I went into Daddys room. We started messing around and then I begged him to cum in my ass. Daddy was thrilled to do it and soon he was pounding away at my tight little ass.

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Taboo Diaries – Lucie Kline Daddy I’m 18 Now – And I Have Needs – Daughter Dream SD 2017

Added: 1/4/17 11:41am

Dear Diary,

I went back to Daddys in the Summer of my 18th birthday. I knew he had a special bond with my sisters and I never really knew why until then. I found some memoirs and risque photos in my sisters room that really made me understand a lot. Apparently Daddy has been sleeping with my sisters and something made me want to too.

I sat and talked with Daddy and confessed my feelings but he was a bit apprehensive to try anything. I shyly convinced him to let me see it and the rest was history. Soon as my tongue touched his cock Daddy was all over me. We had some of the best sex I’ve ever had right up until he came inside me……. He didn’t know I wasn’t on the pill. 18 and pregnant here I come.

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Jayne Cobb – Mean Aunt Makes You Cum Too Quick – Virtual Porn Incest sex FullHD [Manyvids/American / Houston Tx/Mar 05 2018]

The quality of the video is amazing! This is my favorite kind of videos and this is definitely one of the best I’ve seen and it left me wanting more!

You walk in and catch your hot Aunt working, she’s a sexy cam model, doing a show for one of her regular’s. She notices you, and of course, gets annoyed that you’re interrupting her while she works and your annoying presence pissed her off and her customer leaves. Since you’re there and so clearly have a boner, desperate for her to perform for you, she gives you your first blow job. Not that it lasts too long…. within seconds of her just teasing your little dick with her wet mouth, you cum. Mortified you couldn’t hold out even 5 minutes, you consider running out and never looking back, but then she starts being really bitchy and condescending… what a loser you are

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Karma Rx, Cory Chase – Mom’s Massage – Mommy Daughter Secret – Mothers Homecumming Massage SD 2018

Added: 2/25/18 9:20am

Scene One: Mom’s massage

It’s been years since Cory has seen her daughter Karma. She’s not the girl she was when she left. Breast enlargement, tattoos, belly ring and a smoking hot body has turned Cory’s little girl into a bimbo barbie doll! “Look at you!” Cory says in shock. Cory would be angry at her if she wasn’t just so turned on by it. “I’m really tired from the trip, I’m going to go rest” Karma says and leaves for her old room.

Cory knows that Karma is tired so she offers her hot daughter a nice relaxing massage. “Thanks mom” Karma sighs and lays on the bed. Warm oil is poured over her as Cory’s hands glide over her daughter’s back. “You know sweety, it may be better if you take your clothes off” Cory says. Weirded out Karma takes off her clothes, it is her mother after all. God Cory’s hands feel good all over her body. Cory rolls her over and begins rubbing her daughter’s big tits. “Just relax” Cory whispers.

Scene Two: I want a promotion

“I thought maybe we could talk about my promotion?” Karma says to her boss. She’s dressed extra sexy today in hopes she can convince her boss of her worth. Normally she has men wrapped around her finger, but Cory is a bit harder to convince. “I’ll give you a promotion when you deserve one” Cory scolds her. “I’ll do anything, I really need a promotion” Karma pleads with her.

“Strip out of your clothes” Cory demands. Karma is shocked, but what choice does she have. Cory makes Karma takes off her clothes just the way Cory want’s, doing a sexy little dance and humiliating herself. Cory gets off on making straight girls into her little lesbian whores. “Touch yourself” Cory tells her. Taking off her clothes Cory makes Karma masturbate to her hot body. She’s going to earn that promotion.

Scene Three: Tasting Karma

Pushing her back on the desk Cory wants to taste Karma’s shame. “I have a boyfriend” Karma pleads with her. “You’re going to enjoy this, and you will do anything I say” Cory kisses her big pouty lips. Putting her face into Karma’s wet hot pussy, Cory licks her better than anyone has before. Even though she’s disgusted by it, Cory’s tongue feels so fucking good.

“Spread those legs” Cory commands and puts her tongue deep into Karma’s sensitive pussy. What the fuck, Karma thinks as her body begins to shake and she cums like a horny slut. “Do you think you’re gay, letting your boss lick your pussy?” Cory taunts her. “It’s your turn” Cory commands. So turned on Cory cums faster than she could imagine all over Karma’s hot face. Does Karma get the promotion or is this just the start of her new job description?

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Olivia Austin – Daddy`s Girl want fuck – Femdom sex with Daughter – Best Night with Daddy FullHD 2018

Fresh Incest Porn XXX Video, Must See All.

Dad and daughter decided to rent a hotel for sex.

Sexy Olivia Austin, feels confident in all her sexual skills except for giving handjobs.

“There’s nothing to a handie.” Daddy tells her, “But, like with all things, practice makes perfect.” She asks her experienced Daddy MaX to give her some pointers and proves herself to be an eager and attentive pupil. He guides her through the important variations and subtleties that can turn one’s tug job from an uninspired fumbling with the pink joy stick into a handy-gram that’ll make someone see stars.

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Ryder Skye – Mutual Sexual Assertion With Stepmom – Mommy manipulation Son, Best POV Incest Porn 2018

I got involved in a road rage incident and almost ended up in jail. Good thing my stepmom is a social worker and vouched for me with the judge. All I would have to do now is sit down for counseling sessions with her and I’m basically off the hook. Stepmom insisted my aggressive nature stems from not knowing how to assert myself, especially with women.

She made me refer to her as Dr. Skye and began to undress in front of me. I attempted to touch her bare tits, but she shooed me away and instructed me to pull my cock out and masturbate. We pleasured ourselves mutually and separately. My stepmoms pussy was so hot. I think we both came at the same exact time. When it came time for my second counseling session with my stepmom, I was more excited than nervous this time around.

As we sat in the living room my cock automatically became hard from the sight of her. Her voice made my dick throb. She was happy with my progress, and pretty much read my mind about wanting a blowjob. The only catch was I would have to convince her to do it. I started by ripping her blouse open and squeezing her massive mammaries. Before I knew it she was neck deep on my erect penis. Watching my cum explode out of her mouth was so hot.

Mature women really are more experienced! My final session with my stepmom was a rough one. I have been feeling super angry since I have not been able to fuck her yet. Dr. Skye suggested that I just take what I want. I had my stepmom naked in minutes and was jamming my long cock up her mature cunt in no time. She was tighter than most of the girls I have been with around my age. I stimulated her asshole with my thumb as I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her moist pussy. The moment I came on her face was the moment I no longer felt angry or upset. This woman works wonders!

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Taboo Diaries – Zoey Carter – Please Forgive Me Daddy – I’ll Do Anything To Make You Happy SD

Added: 10/20/16 10:48am

Dear Diary,
After I got some rest I knew I better do something to make Daddy stop being mad at me. After I thought about it a bit I knew what would do the trick. I put on some sexy lingerie and knocked on his door.
He told me to come in and I could tell I made the right choice. As soon as I apologized I gave Daddy a really hot blowjob then started riding him hard. After awhile Daddy laid me on my side and pounded me until he came deep in my pussy again. Daddy stayed inside me and we cuddled up in bed together so I guess my apology was accepted!!
Xo Zoey

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Taboo Diaries – Zoey Carter – Daddy Plucked My Rosebud – Just Like My Fantasy – Daugher`s 1st anal HD

Added: 6/17/16 4:09pm

Dear Diary,
So the day I was waiting for finally came. I had been masturbating and using toys in my rosebud long enough to where I felt ready to give Daddy his surprise. I called him in and showed him my shiny butt plug. You should have seen the look on his face.
Daddy was so excited and nervous at the same time so he gently stretched my virgin butthole then licked it to lube me up. Daddy eased his big cock into my rosebud and it felt great.
Daddy fucked my ass slowly until I encouraged him to go faster. He fucked my ass like I dreamed and soon I was cumming like crazy. Daddy made me cum several times by fucking my ass then finished me off with a big creampie in my pussy. Mmm I can’t wait to do that again.
Xo Zoey

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Taboo Diaries – Zoey Carter – Daddy Really Punished Me – And May Have Knocked Me Up – Spanking, XXX Porn HD

Dear Diary,
I’ve always been the rebellious one in the family and I like to party quite a bit. One morning I stumbled into the kitchen after being out all night. I was going to grab one of Daddys beers and slip off to my bedroom before anyone got up. No sooner did I open the fridge and Daddy was standing right behind me. Apparently it was later than I thought cause mom had already left.
Daddy started lecturing e and I made the mistake of back talking him. Daddy spun me around and started spanking my ass. He bent me over the sink pulled up my dress and started spanking my ass even harder. OMG it felt so good in my state of mind I started getting turned on.
After a few minutes I couldn’t take anymore, I had to have a hard cock… Daddys Cock that is so I started teasing him and soon we were fuucking right there in the kitchen. Daddy punished my little pussy until he exploded inside me and sent me off to bed. I can’t wait til he gets home and punishes me even more
Xo Zoey

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