Katie Cummings – Brother Remote controlled Sister – Hypno fuck SD (2017)

You are staying at your big sister Katie Cummings’s apartment for the weekend. She forgot you were there and comes in topless, wearing just panties. She sees that you have gotten a boner and talks about all the times she used to tease you with boob peeks, knowing it would drive you crazy. She is going to make it up to you by letting you jerk off to her boobs for your birthday. You quickly get naked and starts stroking. Katie Cummings plays with her tits, teasing little brother. She verbally teases you and encourages you to stroke as she fondles her tits. She starts playing with her pussy and eventually removes her panties. Mmmm…they look so delicious. Keep stroking little brother. Watch big sister’s big titties as you slide your hand up and down your cock. Finally, big sister lets you cum on her tits.

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PrimalS FANTASIES – Gia Paige – Popular Bitch Learns a Lesson HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 11/19/15

Gia is one of the hottest, most popular girls in school. She promised that if I gave her the answers to the test, she would go out on a date with me. All I wanted to do was show her a good time, but she just turns into a total bitch! So instead of giving her the sparkly necklace she would have gotten if she just kept her word, I use it to bring out her true colors to turn her into my own personal slut.

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Ashley Alban Sucks Fucks and Shakes – Limp Fetish – Sister Bound & Ass-Fucked FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 2/11/16

Ashley goes over to her friends house to hang out. His place is a little hot though and Ashley finds herself very thirsty. She asks him for a drink of water. Soon after she takes a sip of the water, she starts to feel funny. Ashley and her friend catches her and carries her into his bedroom. He takes off her clothes and cuts off her panties. He then ties up her hands. As he begins to grab her breasts, Ashely comes to. In her dreamy state she asks what is going on. How did she get naked? She asks him what he is going to do with her.

He comes over to the side of the bed and puts his dick in her face. She asks if this is all he wants. Ashley starts to suck his dick while she is tied up in the bed. Ashley gets tired after a while and says she wants to stop. She rolls over, turning away from him. But, with her ass closer to him, he starts to play with it. Ashley tells him not to fuck her ass. She hasnt done anal before and shes scared. He slides his dick in her asshole anyway. Ashley says it hurts, but takes his dick like a good girl. She realizes anal isnt so bad. After fucking her ass for a while, he pulls out and jacks off all over her face. Once Ashley is covered with cum she asks if hes done with her. He just walks away, leaving Ashley tied up in the bed and her face covered with his load.

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Briar Rose – Stepbrothers Obsession SD (sislovesme.com/2017)

Briar Rose approached her step bro needing to borrow some cash. It was early in the morning and he hadnt had his coffee yet so he wasnt trying to hear it. He told her to go get a job and leave him alone and she said she would do anything for the cash. Anything huh? After getting her naked it wasnt much trouble getting her to go the rest of the way – she did need the cash after all! She slobbed on his knob before he took her back to her room and railed into his step-sis from behind! Two weeks later he was looking for his money and Cece didnt have it. He knew this would happen, so he knew exactly what to do in order to call this even – fuck his step ..

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Taboo Mom Natasha – Mom Can Teach SD (clips4sale.com/2012)

Added: 6/8/12

My sons friend gordon gets no instruction at home and the poor boy has no idea how to properly masterbate, im a loving mom, so i invite him into my room and assure him I will take good care of his needs. I slowly tease him as he undresses and I guide him to a kinky sexy orgasmic ending. I’m sure you will love moms loving sensual instructions just as much.

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Korina Nova – Mom fucks Son after his bad date SD (Canadian/manyvids.com/2017)

You come home to see me bent over in the kitchen, you caught me in the middle of preparing a coffee, I have my 2 toys out as I had a planned a night of masturbating with the house to myself, I laugh and make a joke about you checking out my ass, I tell you to behave and start talking about the first date I went on with your dad and how I use to give it up on the first night, I begin to get horny and reason that I could pretend I never saw you walk in and I can start using my toys while you jerk off, I get on the counter and begin in my panties I squirt right thru them, I explain that is how a real women cums… I tell you to bring your cock over here and let me suck it while you think of some of your girlfriends, I am just being helpful cause that girl left you with blue balls and that’s very unhealthy, I teach you how to hold your cum, then I tell you I’m going to show you what its like to make a real women cum on your hard young cock, I cream so hard and then you tell me that you want to know what its like to have a women squirt on your cock so I grab my toy that eats my pussy and your cock stays pressed against my pussy as it squirts, then I beg that you cum deep inside of me so that no one will ever know that this happened.

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Kerri King – Let Your Mommy Be Your Dessert HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Mommy knows you’ve been a good boy..especially after that last homework assignment. I want to reward you with a sexy cock tease in my pink minidress and give you dessert before I send you to bed. This time, it’s on the house and I don’t have to cook. Your curiosity gets the better of you and I inform you that you will be going down on me, and making me feel ways your father never has..lucky you, you always were my favorite guy. I tease you with my sexy little thong, rubbing myself while you watch and jerk.Mommy knows best, so listen up and obey me. My pleasure is ultimately yours…

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Rachel Steele – Mother/Son I am all the Slut You Need SD

Rachel was a prim and proper mom who lived alone with her son. Her husband left her years ago. He had several affairs with sluts and Rachel knew all about that. Rachel had become very overprotective of her son. His girlfriend called him one day and broke up with him. Brian was heartbroken. Rachel was preparing him a meal and overheard the conversation. He hung up and dropped his head. Rachel sat next to him and he told her what happened. Rachel consoled him and assured him he would get over it. She took him to the table to eat. Brian pushed his food away. Rachel again tried to assure him there would be lots of girls he would date before he found the right one. He told his mom that this girl did certain things to him that no one else did. Rachel asked him what that was. He reluctantly confessed the sexual stuff she did to him and his need for it. Rachel was furious; her son was with a slut! She could not lose him like she did with her husband. Rachel moved her chair closer to him and lifted her leg; she started to rub her son’s cock with her foot. He grew hard fast but was confused at why she was doing that to him. Rachel told him to just enjoy the feeling. His cock was throbbing and he jumped up saying he must go to his girlfriend and beg for her back. Rachel chased him grabbing his arm and pleaded him to stay with her. She knew what she had to do to keep him happy. Rachel rubbed her hand across his cock through his jeans, she pressed her chest up against his and looked him deep in the eye, telling him she was all the slut and woman he would need. He was under her spell. She took him to the couch and sat him down. Rachel knew this would change their relationship for the better. She pulled her proper dress down to expose her breasts to her horny son. She took his cock out and looked in his eyes, Rachel began to suck him, he wanted it so bad and he did not realize his mom did that stuff. She told him she had a bit of slut deep down inside her and she sucked him until he came in her mouth. Rachel swallowed her son’s cum to show him how slutty she can be. He was relieved and forgot all about his girlfriend. Rachel saw he was still hard and slipped into the bedroom to offer him the ultimate pleasure. Rachel called him, he walked in and she was dressed in a hot red number with heels and hair down. Brian had never seen her like that. She told him to fuck her. He laid down as his mom rode his hard cock. She told him to call her a slut and to fuck his slut mom’s pussy. She came hard on his cock, then she told him to fuck her again, he got on top and banged her hard. When he told her he wanted to cum she begged him to let her jerk it off on her face. He pulled it out and she jerked him as she was doing so he fingered her so good that she squirted. Then he came on her face. Rachel opened her mouth and took his cum, she licked his cock up and now she was his dirty little slut forever.

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Rachel Steele – Son shared Mother – College Boys in the Hot Tub SD

Rachel came home tired from work. Her son Nick and his friend from school were in the hot tub. Rachel came out to say hello and saw how the water looked. She asked her son if she could join them to relax. He did not want his mom in a bikini in the tub with his friend. Rachel is very attractive and her son did not want other guys, especially his buddy looking at her body. Rachel just smiled and changed into a skimpy bikini. Her son was appalled at her prancing around like that in front of his friend. Rachel climbed into the hot tub and moaned. Her son was embarrassed as she stood up and stretched, showing off her body. She asked the boys about school and girls. They did not want to talk to her about sex. She continued to ask them sexual questions, telling them about her hot college nights. The boys just shrugged. She saw that they were uptight and kind of prude. Rachel began flirting with Theo, and then she tickled her son telling him to relax. She decided they needed a lesson on how to please a woman. Rachel told Theo to remove his shorts. Her son was pissed. Rachel told him to untie her bikini. She was naked. She reached over and felt her son’s cock, telling him to take his shorts off. He was hard. Rachel saw both of those cocks and took them into her hands. She jerked them and sucked them both at the same time. Rachel told her son to cum first all over her tits. She then went over to Theo and jerked his load out on her tits. Her son shook his head and apologized to his buddy for her behavior. Rachel just smiled and told them to clean up for dinner.

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Gray Productions – Owen Gray, Blue Dream – Intense sex and creampie in pussy my Sister FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 8/5/17

19yo cam girl first POV Sex Tape

This video shows a close one on one experience with cute cam Sister Blue Dream. She gives a long, sensual blowjob with a lot of rimming. She then rides on top facing the camera and bounces up and down, eventually turning around and bouncing her ass with some nice close ups. The scene finishes with some faster missionary sex as she looks in to the camera and moans until I pull out and cum on her pussy.

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