Sarah Rae – Mom catches you staring FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/28/17 10:15AM

You’re relaxing in the living room with your Mom while she’s reading a book. You try to focus on other things but you just can’t help starring at her cleavage. This afternoon she’s had it and has decided to confront you about it. She wants an explanation. Why are you always starring at her breasts and trying to catch glimpses of her naked around the house? Its wrong to have this sort of attraction for your mother. What’s the matter? Don’t you like the girls at school that are your own age? You tell her that the girls at school just aren’t as busty as her. You lover her big tits and they are giving you huge, painful boners all the time. Your Mom feels bad. She doesn’t want her son to be sexually frustrated. She decides to help you out and let you stroke to her, but only if you promise not to tell anyone. This will be just be your little secret between you and her. You agree and your Mom shows you the huge tits that you’ve been dying to see for soooo long.

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Bettie Bondage – Bedtime story FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/4/17 5:00am

Every night, your mom comes into your bedroom to tuck you in, and have your “special time” together. This has been going on for as long as you can remember. It’s your special secret, that each night your mother comes into the room and tells you a story while she strokes your cock and makes you cum. Sometimes she uses her mouth, swallowing your load with a moan while she rubs her clit. But tonight, she tells you, “tonight is special, baby…” She has a very special story about a mommy and her son, who share everything together: first handjob, first blowjob, just like you do. And one very special night, just like tonight, this mommy helps her son become a man. As your mother tells you this, she straddles your throbbing cock, rubbing you against her wet pussy, stroking you against herself as she tells you that tonight, you’re going to lose your virginity and become a man. She slides herself onto your cock and groans, sinking you deep inside herself as she tells you how perfect you feel, leaning forward to whisper into your ear. You can feel her pussy twitch around your cock, milking you into her. She tells you to try not to cum just yet…”but you can cum inside my pussy, sweetie. That’s ok…” When you can’t hold back any longer, she urges you to let go inside her pussy, to cum and fill her up. Always a good boy, you do as your mother says and explode insider her. She tells you that you did a wonderful job, confessing that she’s ovulating and she wants to give you a brother. “Our relationship is so special, but I want to share this with someone…your new little brother…thank you sweetie…”

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Alexa Pearl – Step Mom joi plus dildo cum FullHD (USA/1080p/

May 3

I come home from buying new bras and panties. You are home alone on the couch. So i try each of them on in front of you knowing how much you like to watch me. I encourage you to stroke your cock for me and keep stroking until you cum on my pretty boobs. Them I am soo turned on and I have you watch me cum as i fuck myself with a fat dildo just like i like!! This was so much fun to make!!! It is my first JOI and its kind of gentle!

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Bettie Bondage – Becoming a man with Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/15/17 5:00am

It’s your birthday, and your parents have been hinting at what a special birthday its going to be for you. You wonder what that could mean. Maybe a car? A big trip? But when your mother sits you down, you think you must’ve guessed really wrong. She says its something both she and your dad experienced at the same age, something special about becoming an adult. When she takes out a big thick dildo, you think she’s going to teach you about the birds and the bees! She can be so embarrassing. “Mom,” you groan, “I had sex ed years ago…you don’t have to like, explain the parts of a penis to me!” she chuckles, explaining that this isn’t for educational purposes.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom needs your cum FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/23/17 5:00am

You’re in the hallway when your mother comes out of the bathroom, wearing just panties and black leather heels! She smirks at you – she’s been such a cocktease lately – telling you she’s just going to put your father to bed and then come say goodnight to you, swaying her ass and teasing you as she walks away. You go to the door of their bedroom, which she left cracked…she’s been doing that a lot lately…and watch as she sucks and rides your father. She keeps peering out into the hallway. You know she sees you, but you can’t stop yourself. Your mother, her heavy tits swaying, her ass bouncing up and down as she calls herself mommy while she fucks your father…it makes you so hard. You run back to your room to beat off before she comes to say goodnight… …Only you aren’t quick enough. She comes into your room, barging in while you try to hide your erection. She laughs, “Sweetie, I know what you’re doing…I’m here to help!” she gets on her knees beside your bed and takes you into her mouth, telling you about how your father emptied two loads into her – her pussy and her mouth – but still, she’s cum hungry! She needs more seed, she needs you to add your cum to her dirty little slut mouth. “C’mon sweetie, be a good boy for mommy and cum in my mouth!”

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Emma Butt – Big Tit Step-Mom Gets a Massage SD (MomIsHorny/BangBros/2017)

Emma Butt is all ready for her massage when she gets a phone call from her masseuse, telling her that she has to cancelled the session. Her disappointment turns to joy when she realizes her step-son, Sam, is home and maybe he could give her a massage. The massage was going great until Sam decided to stick his finger in her asshole. She decided to teach him a lesson, he got a chance to fuck his step-mom all over their living room.

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Evelin Stone, Sean Lawless – A Close Shave With My Step HD (TeensLoveHugeCocks/RealityKings/2017)

I knew hooking up with a woman who has a hot brunette stepdaughter in college would get really fucked up, really fast, but I didn’t expect that Evelin Stone would be such a horny teen minx. This little slut was spying on me in the bathroom while I was shaving in the nude – the next thing I know, she’s finishing the job with a straight razor while polishing my knob with her hand. She had me so hard I had to rip off her blouse to see the perky tits I had been fantasizing about while fucking her mom. I started to eat out her tight teen pussy when her mom knocked on the bathroom door, looking for me! Evelin said she didn’t know where I was and we were left alone once more, so I could fuck her hard on the bathroom counter before taking this little schoolgirl into the shower, uniform and all, for a hot, wet blowjob. Too bad Evelin forgot to lock the door, because her mom came a-knocking at the wrong moment…

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Missbehavin26 – Mothers Son Uncontrollable Cum FullHD (1080p/

Walk into the room wearing normal clothes nothing too sexy. And talk about how the doctor’s appointment we just came from was different and that you will support me until I get the surgery in a few months. Act a little shy about saying you will take me to get porn or whatever I need to handle needing to cum 3 times a day. After being a little awkward about it say you are going to take a shower and walk off to the bathroom. Give it a few seconds and have the camera follow you or you can cut to the door. Have it open just enough to see inside and strip. Once you are naked have the camera come into the room spray cum on you. right before the cum comes cover your tits and pussy. After you have been cummed on look disgusted at first but then say it is ok honey mommy was about to shower anyway. Ask nicely to have me close the door and head to my room. Don’t close the door all the way and start complaining about how I came on you. Snap to you in bed and then spray cum on your face. Look like you are about to wake up but don’t. Then get sprayed with more cum on your face. Wake up slowly and wipe some of the cum away. Ask what the fuck is this. Ask if I just came on you. Tell me to go to my room. Complain about it how i am a little fucker. Wear a one-piece bathing suit say you are leaving for the pool. Walk to the camera stop and bend over and then get sprayed with cum on your back and ass. Don’t notice it and continue to leave. Walk into a room in towel look surprised hold out your hands have your towel drop then stop me and say we can work it out you don’t want to shower again. You are tired of me randomly cumming on you

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Kylee Nash – Helping Mommy in the Kitchen FullHD (1080p/

Added: 12/10/17 6:08pm

In this age play roleplay, you are “mommy’s little helper”. After baking some cookies together, Mommy Kylee suggests a new game. She starts by unbuttoning her top to show off her big boobies, then tells you to take off your pants so she can see your little wee-wee and gently suggests that you see how it feels when you stroke it. She then takes your cute little penis into her mouth and sucks on it. Does that feel good? Do you want to make Mommy Kylee feel good too? Let Mommy Kylee show you how she uses that little wee-wee to make her pussy cum.

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A Mother’s Needs hard Fuck HD (720p/

Baby did you find my book yet? Ah, thank you son… You can stay and rub my feet… Honey what is that?.. I was afraid this might start happening. No sweetie you’re not in trouble… Maybe we can try something new if you promise to keep it a secret. Yes I know you’re very good at keeping secrets. And Mommy does need a little extra attention today… Would you like to taste Mommy? Don’t worry honey, just do exactly as I say… Yes just like that, you’ve always been a quick learner…

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