Taboo Diaries – Mickey Tyler – Daddy I’m So Sorry – Let Me Make It Up To You – Best Incest Porn Video HD

Added: 8/22/16 5:13pm

Daddy I feel really bad about how I was acting before. I’m sure you’re still mad so I thought I’d try and make it up to you. I really liked the way you spanked me and I’m still wanting more so maybe if I’m a good girl you’ll spank me later? Lay back and relax while I please you like a good girl should. Mmm Daddy I can tell you like my mouth on your cock, it’s really hard!! Daddy I’m going to ride you now, I’d lie some fun too if you don’t mind. You fill me up so much I’m already cumming. I could ride you like this for hours but mommy will be home soon. Cum in my mouth Daddy it’s ok. There does that make you happier with me?

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Taboo Diaries – Mickey Tyler – Daddy Busted Me! – My Daddy love fuck my Pussy SD mp4

Added: 7/8/16 5:01pm

Dear Diary,

Now that school is out there have been so many great parties going on all summer long and of course every young girl wants to party with her friends & cute boys! Well earlier today this boy ive been crushing on for years now invited me out to his summer house party. He said there’d be all kinds of fun stuff going on if you know what I mean. While I was there things got pretty intense! People were dancing, drinking, all kinds of stuff and when everyone started crashing at the end of the night I figured I would head back home to crash in my own bed.

Well Diary when I got home I thought I was in the clear. I safely made it into the house without waking daddy. Phew. Go me is all I could think as I fell flat onto my bed still in my outfit! Then daddy walked in. Fuck! I knew I was busted! I knew I was about to get in so much trouble! Grounded for life with my luck. Daddy started spanking me trying to punish me but I was still tipsy so with each impact of his palm on my ass I’d let out a giggle or a moan. Before I knew it my hormones had taken over and I convinced daddy to let me suck his cock.

Holy fuck! I was sucking his cock working it with my wet mouth and then next thing I knew I was fucking his cock with my warm pussy! Daddy was behind me fucking my brains out when I came so hard on his cock I flopped over. Apparently I’m not the only person who came though! Daddy said he came inside me! Even though I thought it was super hot he shot his warm load on me im not on the pill!

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Taboo Diaries – Zelda Morrison – Sorry Not Sorry – Daddy Made It All Worth while – Incest Porn XXX HD

Added: 5/27/16 5:00pm

Dear Diary,
After Daddy punished me I got some rest and waited for him to get home. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened and I was hoping it would happen again. When Daddy finally arrived we started talking as I nervously clutched my teddy bear.
At first Daddy wasn’t sure what to say but when my hand brushed his crotch I knew what was really on his mind. I got Daddys pants down and started sucking his cock right there on the couch. Daddy reached under my skirt and fingered my wet pussy until I came with his cock in my mouth.
Daddy pulled off my dress and pulled me close kissing my breasts and teasing me even more. I straddled Daddy and slid his cock into my tiny wet pussy til I couldn’t fit anymore. I rode Daddy for quite a bit and it felt soo good I didn’t want to stop. Daddy bent me over on the couch and really pounded me from behind then exploded deep inside me. It felt so intense I didn’t want to worry Daddy so I told him I was on the pill. Oops I hope I don’t get pregnant.
Xo Zelda

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Taboo Diaries – Zelda Morrison – Harder Daddy Harder – I’ve Been Really Bad – Happy Family Father/Daughter HD

Added: 4/22/16 4:44pm

Dear Diary,
Last weekend there was this cool party I wanted to go to but my stupid parents grounded me. The night of the party rolled around and I waited til my parents went to sleep. Once I was sure they were out I slipped out the front door and had a friend pick me up. After a long night getting crunk I finally stumbled back into the house.
I fell over on my bed and Daddy sprang out from under the covers mad as hell. He started scolding me and I got sassy so he went to spank me. When Daddy lifted my skirt and saw I wasn’t wearing panties he got a bit flustered before he started spanking me.
I’m not sure if it was the party favors or some deep seeded need but Daddy spanking my ass really turned me on. In my hazy state I grabbed his cock and soon had it in my mouth. I fucked Daddy like a crazy nympho then he threw me on the bed and fucked me from behind.
Daddys cock was so much bigger than my boyfriends it really filled me up. I moaned and called his name begging him to fuck me harder until he exploded all over my ass. I couldn’t believe what we had done but it was so hot I wanted more of Daddy soon. Is it so wrong to love Daddy like that?
Xo Zelda

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Liza k fetishes – K Voice of ancestors. Nerd to alpha! – Real Doll FUcking, forced to sex, using body FullHD

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in this video: ignoring chicks to obedient doll brainwashing, nerd to alpha transformation, special effects, voice of the ancestor, h.y.p.n.o.s.i.s, male domination, female training, slut training, woman following orders, mental domination, forced blow jobs, forced stripping, forced to masturbate, forced to sex, cum on asses.

You may not believe this but the connection between generations is very strong! Especially when it comes to sex! In this family the knowledge about subjection women was transferring from one man to another for many and many years! But there was one condition! The guy must be really in the need to fuck a chick! And that very moment the signal will come to him and he will gain the power!

That morning was so usual for our hero. He was spending it with his group mates and knew nothing about that fact that today everything is gonna change!

He used to be a shadow for these lusty chicks, a guy that they consider to be “an eternal friend”, but the moment his desperation gained its maximum the Heaven was opened for him! He heard the Voice of his ancestor which told him about his new abilities and made the dick in his pants bigger and thicker! That’s was brilliant! And now he also had total control on his erection and ejaculation! Perfect!

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Primal’s Savage Tales – Alex Coal, Katarina Jade – Hellrazer – Superheroine Sacrificed Director’s Cut HD mp4 2018

Added: 2/4/18 07:05PM

Hellrazer comes to steal an ancient magic artifact only to be confronted by her arch-nemesis The mighty amazon Taboo. It is strength vs magic but in the end Hellrazer is victorious through trickery and takes Taboo captive.

Taboo is bound tight with magic bonds and is at Hellrazer’s mercy. She remains defiant through the groping and whipping that Hellrazer subjects her too. Taboo finally starts to break when a magic pleasure item is placed inside her helpless pussy. The superherione is forced to endure orgasms as her enemy gloats, gropes and teases her. Finally leaving her in agonizing pleasure for hours.

Taboo is now under Taboo’s power and cannot resist her commands. Hellrazer magically brands her a slut and then Taboo is compelled to take pleasure from her captor and then give it make multiple times. Taboo’s power starts to wear down Taboo’s resistance and she does her best to pleasure her new mistress.

Taboo is now laid out and Hellrazer sacrifices her to an evil otherworldly creature in exchange for more dark power. Taboo cannot resist the demon, it’s seductive power fills her with lust and she is used thoroughly by the evil creature

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Stella cox, Jess west – Brother Knows Best – Happy Brother fuck Sister and her friend Threesome FullHD [British/Essex/1080p/c4s/manyvids]

Added: 2/12/16 1:50pm

Stella and her friend jess are deciding on what to wear to impress a guy they both like but they cant decide who is going to be the better cock sucker so stella calls in her brother and tells him to decide who is better at sucking cock so both girls suck and play with stella’s brothers cock but he thinks they are both very good and says they both have to fuck him and both girls jump at the chance to fuck his cock and he finishes cuming on jess’s face and both girls swap cum in there mouths

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Jerky Wives – Annika Eve – Sister Edging My Cock – Latina, Brutal Handjob work FullHD 2017

Added: 10/24/17 04:31PM

The busty and natural Annika is relentless. She lubes up my cock and begins to stroke. I am about to quickly finish and she lets ruthlessly lets go. I was about to cum…Then she works me up and does this again and again. Finally she edges me over the ledge and then stops just as I explode…Then I cum down and she works my head like it owes her money…Brutal, but I cannot wait till the next time!

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Jasmeen LaFleur – Mommy Blows Best – Mother know how use she mouth – Tease & Denial FullHD

Added: 6/17/16 07:38AM

Are you going to behave? No more looking at other women Junior. You know Mommy has the Biggest and Best Tits. They wrap so perfectly around you cock! And Mommy’s Mouth is so soft and silky as she engulfs your cock whole! Gently licking and sucking it as she makes you promise that you will only look at Mommy! She brings you to the brink of orgasm again and again! When will she finally let you cum??? It is almost too much to bear! When she does finally let you Cum you orgasm all over her Big Tits! Mommy has you under her spell completely by now… You will only look at Mommy from now on.

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Taboo-Fantsy – Tiffanys Allowance – Daddy Cum in my Mouth – Daughter Fantasy FullHD


Tiffany desperately wants a raise in her Allowance…but her Daddy is very clear that they cannot afford to give it to her. They are so tight on cash, that Dad is reading through a home repair book, to try and fix the Dryer by himself…because they cannot afford to hire a repairman. Tiffany, however, being a young girl…focused on her own needs….is unsympathetic to her Dad’s situation. Tiffany begs and pleads with her Dad for a large raise in Allowance. She offers to do the dishes……make Supper while Mom is at work….clean the house….Tiffany tries everything to convince her daddy to raise her Allowance. When nothing works….Tiffany gets desperate. She starts to remove her clothes as she says….”You’re a guy Daddy…right? I know what guys like. Tell you what….I’ll let you take a poke at me twice a week….in exchange for a $100 a week raise in my Allowance”. As She finishes the sentence….her panties have just come off. “Daddy… you have any idea what a girl my age tastes like?”. Dad looks at her sweet, young pussy….and snaps!!! He says “I bet it tastes just like honey!!”….and with that….Dad burries his head in Tiffany’s crotch and begins to eagerly lap at her beautiful young cunt!! Tiffany moans as her Dad gives her a good licking….and then Dad tells Tiffany to go for a ride on his hard cock. Tiffany rides her daddy’s cock and squeals with delight!! Dad turns her over and Fucks her hard from behind….before insisting on making her swallow it as part of the deal. Tiffany wants to cinch the deal… she sucks Dad until he fills her young mouth with sperm. dad gets out his wallet and gives Tiffany her “raised” Allowance!!! She is off to the Mall….

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Taboo-Fantsy – The Family Way – Daughter/Father Family Secrets, Porn Incest sex FullHD


Layla’s Parents are going through a tough time. They have been trying desperately to have a baby for quite some time. Layla’s Dad has just been told by the Fertility Doctor that nothing they tried has worked….Mom’s ovaries are the problem…..and the only solution at this point is a surrogate. Since they are on a very tight household budget….there is no way that they could afford to do this. Layla’s Mom makes an “odd” suggestion to Layla’s Dad…..she suggests using young, healthy Layla as a surrogate!!! Also…..since going through the process with the Doctors would still be too expensive….Mom suggests that Dad and Layla conceive the “Old Fashioned Way”….since there would be no cost involved. When Layla arrives home…Dad tells her about the idea. Layla, of course, is hesitant at first….thinking that having sex with her Dad…and being impregnated by her Dad would be “weird”….but she understands that there are no other options…and she also wants to have a baby Brother or Sister….so she agrees. Dad and Layla set out to conceive a baby. Layla sucks on her Daddy’s cock to make it nice and hard…then Daddy licks her young pussy, to prepare her for penetration….then Dad fucks Layla very hard….filling her young snatch with sperm. Layla lies on her back with her legs in the air after the ejaculation….to make sure it all stays in!

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Ashley Masons Play House – Mommy Son The Panty Thief – Panty Fetish, Mother Fun with Son HD 2017

Added: 1/17/17 9:16am

I noticed that my panties had been disappearing for the last few weeks. I did not really think much about it until last night. I was in my lingerie waiting for my husband to come home when my son walked in and startled me. He was holding a pair of my panties. At first I was upset but the more I thought about it, the more turned on I got. I demanded that he hand them over to me. I made sure they were nice and dirty for him when I gave them back.

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Taboo MILF Kristi – Helping Mommy Deliver Your Baby Brother – Belly Fetish, Mommas Boy FullHD

Yes sweetie, we are still going out to eat for dinner tonight. You know I would never cancel our special reservation. I just need a few minutes… my belly is….. aching a bit. Oh no honey, it isn’t *that* time yet, I’m not due until next week! Baby, you should go find your shoes and finish getting ready, I’ll be out there and ready to go in a few moments, ok?

Ouch! My belly is hurting even worse now… it almost feels like I’m having contractions! Owwww oh no, I think I am having contractions…. I’m in labor! Oh sweetie, I’m sorry but I don’t think we are going to go out tonight after all. It seems like your little brother can’t wait any longer to meet us… that’s right baby, I’m in labor!

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