Bettie Bondage – Cougar Next Door Makes You Cheat FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/13/17 5:00am

You decided to move off campus this semester, and found a place with a couple other guys. Shortly after moving in, the next door neighbor approaches you, asking if you could help her with some yard work. The other guys smirk when you tell them, laughing as they tell you to have fun. Whatever, you think, you’re doing a good deed and besides, she’s kind of hot, in that cougar type of way. When you finish, she invites you inside, bringing you a cold glass of water. She starts to tell you how much she enjoys living in a college town, how much she enjoys all the help she gets from the boys…and how she’d like to thank you. “I don’t know if the boys told you about my massages…but I really like to show my gratitude…with my hands.” Is it just you, or is she being pretty suggestive? You don’t have to wonder about it for long, as she tells you that what she’d really like is to give you a nice handjob! You try to refuse, you have a girlfriend after all, but she just smiles. “Oh, I love the guys with girlfriends, and the religious ones too…so much more fun to tempt them…” You can’t believe what’s happening, but you quickly give in to her soft hands and her warm mouth, all while she tells you how much she enjoys sucking and fucking all the young college boys, how she loves making them cheat on their hot little boring young girlfriends…she’s a sex starved cougar, worshiping your cock and begging for your cum. You fill her pussy with a hot, thick load and watches as she lets it drip out, her wet pussy made messy as she fingers her snatch, eating your cum off her fingers as she pushes more and more cum out, fingering her asshole with your cum and tasting it with delight! You think you’re going to like this neighborhood…

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Taboo MILF Kristi – Mommy Plays While Daddy Is Away FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/31/16 09:22PM

Babe, I can’t hear you… your phone is breaking up really bad… you are going to have to call me back… *click* Ugh, well I guess he will call back later. Hey honey, back from school already? Son, what’s wrong? Why do you look so down? Did something happen today? Awww, well it’s ok… mommy is going to make you feel all better. Hmmm let’s see, what do I need to do to make you happy again? How about we go out to eat? No? Well, do you want to go to the arcade? No? Ok… how about if we go buy you a new video game? NO? Wow, you must really be down today… hmmm…. Wait, I know. I know just the thing to make you feel better. How about if mommy touches you…. here… does that make you feel better? I knew it would! Mommy has the magic touch after all. Honey, how about you drop your pants and let mommy work her magic and make you feel all better? Mmmm yes, you are definitely hard… it looks like it wants mommy to stroke it… *RIng Ring* Oh , honey, it’s your father calling. I have to take this call so just be quiet ok? Once I get off the phone with your dad I’ll let you cum on my titties!

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Bettie Bondage – Coffee Talk Girl’s Chat with Taboo Mom FullHD (1080p/

Bettie chatting with her closest girlfriend about sex and sexuality and porn. The topic shifts to taboo porn, and Bettie confesses to her friend that she enjoys it! Not only that, but she has a confession to make: she’s been fucking her son for well over a year. Her friend, the viewer, is shocked, but not as shocked as when Bettie calls her son into the kitchen and tells him to take out his cock. See, this was all a ploy to get one of her more open-minded friends to come watch her with her son. The taboo part of it needed a little recharge, and what better way than to have another woman watch her suck her own son’s cock?

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Sweet Milk Tits – Mommy Breastfeeds And Sucks Sons Cock FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/2/17 01:48AM

“Honey its time to wake up and get ready for school, you have that big math test today”. Mommy walks around my room as I watch her gather my clothes and talk. Im too lost in her beauty and love to focus on what mommy is telling me. School, clothes, school, get ready, and food. I try to follow along but mommy is looking so radiant today and she’s so caring for my needs. Mommy noticed that im getting excited and reassures me Is just hormones, but deep inside I love my mommy more then I should She does so much for me I want to please her in more ways.

Breakfast…mommy wants to make sure Im healthy and full for my test. Here’s my chance to please her.

“What do you want to eat?” she ask.. “Breastmilk” , I say shyly. I know mommy’s breast ache from being so full so I coax her into letting me suckle on her breast.

“Is this what you want, my breast are so swollen and ache. Maybe you are doing me a favor by emptying the,”she says it so sweetly.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom fucks you behind dad’s back FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/8/17 5:30pm

Your mom took you out of school early today. Seems like this morning just wasn’t enough for her hungry mouth, her insatiable pussy. Once you get inside, she has you sit down in the living room and goes to town, worshiping your cock. She loves to suck cock. Your dad’s a lucky man…speaking of your father, its not long into your mother’s lapping and licking and sucking before her phone rings. It’s your father. She tells you she has to take it – he has to know not to pick you up from school – so she does. You expect her to stop sucking, but she keeps at it, licking you, slurping your cock, stroking you. “That?” she says demurely, “Oh, I’m just drinking a smoothie,” she lies, smiling and winking at you. When she pulls down her tight yoga pants and teases you with her black lace thong around your cock, sliding you in while trying to keep her composure, you feel sure you’re going to bust right then and there! It’s so hot, seeing her take your cock, hearing her try to explain away her labored breathing, her moans. Your dad is oblivious! Finally, she can’t keep up the charade, quickly getting off the phone so she can fuck you properly. She slides you inside of her, telling you about how much she loves having this relationship. “I never would have dreamed I’d do something like this, having an affair with my own son…imagine, you came out of my pussy…now you’re cumming in it…these nipples, you used to suckle here but now you cum all over them…” her dirty talk is always what sets you off, and hearing her talk about how much she loves your big dick makes you spill your cum all over her pussy and her pretty black panties! Good thing she promised to stay home with you tomorrow…

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Emma’s Secret Life – Much needed blow job for my Son FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/2/16 01:03AM

My son and I are going to a dinner date. Well more like business for me and a date for him. I am meeting with my boss to talk about a partnership with his firm and my son is going because he just so happens to be dating my bosses daughter. As we are leaving he tells me he doesn’t want to go because he has decided he wants to break it off with his girlfriend before she breaks up with him. He tells me he can’t please her in bed because he cums to fast and she has been complaining about it. So I do what any good mother would do…I give him a BJ before we leave in hopes that with his balls drained, it will make him last longer tonight with my bosses daughter. A mom needs to do what a mom needs to do!
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Cameron Dias – Mother sucks Son`s cock FullHD (1080p/

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Even celebrities have “domestic issues” with their Sons!!! Cameron Dias has been catching her young Son masturbating to her, while spying on her recently. She wants his Dad to take him out….and get him some videos and magazines to masturbate to. Cameron understands that boys his age “need” to masturbate…but she would prefer that it NOT be to her. The young boy is obviously embarrassed to be caught in this situation by his Mother…so to get his obsession with her out of his system…..Cameron offers to suck him off….just this once. The young boy eagerly accepts the offer form his sexy Mom….and drops his pants. Cameron sucks him off quickly….and he cums all over Cameron’s face!!!

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TABOO Cameron Dias seduces her Son FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/12/16 09:59PM


Cameron is in her late forties…at the height of her sexual maturity…but unfortunately, her husband has had no sex drive lately. She is so horny she doesn’t know what to do with herself. After weeks of furious masturbation…Cameron decides that she MUST be Fucked!! Since her husband has no interest…she turns to the closest alternative….her own Son!! Junior is confused by the unusual request coming from his Mom…but Cameron seduces the young boy…even telling him that in some cultures, it’s quite common for Moms and Sons to have sexual intercourse. When Cameron removes her bra….the Seduction is complete!! The site of his Mom’s spectacular breasts are all Junior needs to agree to the arrangement. Cameron sucks her Son. Cameron jerks her Son. Cameron climbs on his cock, and fucks the daylights out of her Son!! After a strong…and long awaited orgasm…Cameron thanks her Son for giving her what she desperately needed!!

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Missbehavin26 – Spin the Bottle with Mom SD (

Strip Game with Mom It’s a normal night, dad is working and im alone with mom. It is so boring. The son asks mom if she would to play with him something. Since all the games are just boring, why dont we just play “spin the bottle”, mom? So they are playing but it’s still boring we need to bring more action in it mom. What about if the bottle choose you, you gonna take one part of your clothes off?

Mom was getting little upset and that’s too much for her but in the end she did it. She said we must keep this for us. For some reason the bottle always chose her. When she took off her pants, I should not look first and it was embarrassing for her, same with shirt. She always did her hands before her bra. So now they are on one Point were Mom is in her thong and bra. She said thats enough and we need to stop it. I said to mom ok but can you maybe show me your back like turn arround because i only saw ur from your “face side”.

Mom looked at me so weird after i said it. She said you know that im your mother, games are games but its enough now. But she did it for him. When she was standing with her ass to him she was talking with him , if its now enough ? Helllooo son? After she turn arround she saw that her son was jerking off to her ass. She said omg put that away, what are you doing? Im your Mom? She was ashamed. He said but Mom you are so young and your body is so …! She said no, but on one side mom was thinking that she cant let him like this. So she decided okay maybe if i turn arround you can continue but be fast. After a while Mom maybe you suck a bit? OMG what did you just said son? But she did it after a short discussion. And she let him fuck him from behind until he came.
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