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Watch my sister slide her pussy down onto me, I can feel my huge cock stretch her insides out. She starts out slow, trying to get used to me filling her up completely. But the best way to get used to a dick this big is to go all in!

I bend her over the chair, and pound her pussy from behind right in our parents backyard! Sis might be petite, but her ass looks great up in the air in doggy. We thought we heard someone on the corner of the house, so we go over to the table where no one could catch us. I can’t even imagine what would happen if the neighbors saw us, or even worse, our own father!

My sister begs for my cum, and after getting lost in how good her pussy felt, I just shot my load deep into her wet cunt! I swear I didn’t mean for that to happen, but sis just feels so damn good! She might be pissed that I came in her, but I’m sure this won’t be the last time we fuck.

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Kate Just finished her bikini shopping for her spring break and want s to show daddy. But what she really want is to practice on daddy before she goes on spring break and she is not taking no for an answer! Sexy blonde teen Kate Kennedy spent the day shopping. She is excited to spend the summer on the beach being a total slut and showing off her hot young body to all the boys passing by. She struts back into the house ready to start her adventure. Kate Kennedy’s father stops her and asks what she is up to. Kate sees this as a chance to see how enticing her new outfit is. She invites the man of the house into her bedroom to check out what she has in store for this summer. Kate Kennedy has chosen a g-string and a top that barely covers her all natural young tits. Her father is appalled. There is no way he can let her out of the house dressed like that. Kate says that if he doesn’t like it fine. But that just means he is stuck in a room with a stripping teenager who is clearly excited by this event. Kate Kennedy now stands nude in front of her daddy.

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Xeena Mae and her bro have been entrusted by their parents to makes sure the house is immaculately spotless by the time they get home. Xeena promises her bro she can handle it, but as soon as she is alone, it becomes apparent that she has no plans of doing any of the chores she has been given. She balls up the list and throws it away before hitting the pool for some relaxation time. She comes back in from the pool and finds one her moms sextoys hidden away in her drawers. But just as she is about to inspect it, her bro comes barging into the house, pissed as hell that she has not done any of her chores. Xeena hides the sex toy in her pussy while waiting to feel the wrath of her bro. He ties her hands behind her back, and then finds the remote control for the vibrator she has hidden in her pussy. He uses it to send orgasmic waves into her lubricated labia as she begins to moan and sway. She gets down on her knees to suck his dominating dick before getting penetrated on the dining room table. Even after her finishes on her face, he lets her know she still has to clean everything up. At least let her get the cum out of her eye first!

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Codey Steele and Emily Willis are stepsiblings who get along great. Codey has the hots for his stepsister, though, so he comes up with a plan to put into action. He asks Emily to help him make a sandwich since he’s left handed and has a right-handed knife. Emily bounces into the kitchen with her tits and ass hanging out of her skimpy clothes and makes the sandwich while Codey jerks it behind the counter. When that got him a peek at the goods, he devised a plan to get even more. Later, Codey throws some clothes in with Emily’s laundry and then asks her to help him sort through the clothes on the dryer.

When she leans forward to find what he’s looking for, Codey flips up her miniskirt and shoves his dick inside. She mentions that she feels something poking her, but Codey convinces her it’s his cell phone. Emily keeps searching as Codey bangs her from behind until he explodes inside! With her stepbrother’s cum dripping down her legs, Emily turns around with confusion. Codey convinces her that it’s probably soap, and Emily buys it. Still later, Emily is doing yoga but her leggings have split from behind to create an enticing view of her ass.

Codey is once again turned on, but instead of sneaking around this time he offers to fix Emily’s pants. He even warns her that he may accidentally finger her, but she insists that she needs to help her out. Codey is quick to take advantage by sliding his fingers into her sleek snatch. Now that Emily knows what’s happening, she can enjoy having her stepbrother fuck her from behind. Turning around to ride him makes the split bigger, so she peels off her pants and goes to town until she explodes. Laying down between Codey’s thighs, Emily happily sucks her stepbrother’s hardon until he gives her a shot of cum in her mouth. Only then does Emily admit that she knew Codey was fucking her in the laundry room but that she didn’t want to admit she liked it.

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Blackmailed Casey : Daddy’s Anal Whore – Casey Calvert, Father Stephen FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Beautiful, fair-skinned Casey Calvert is always taking advantage of her considerate father, Stephen St. Croix. The deceitful girl portrays herself as the perfect daughter, but Stephen’s well aware of her impetuous ways. When her mother is away on a business trip, Casey exploits Stephen’s enabling personality, defying him and brushing it off as no big deal. First, he catches her lying about reading a book he had given her, later discovering that she was actually masturbating in her bedroom.

Realizing a need to document her destructive conduct, Stephen decides to film her with his cell phone, and then use the footage to catch her lies when he suspects she’s being less than honest. The next day, Casey elects to wear a revealing outfit to her school formal, even though her mother had already bought her a proper dress. Broken and irritated, the discouraged dad allows the outfit, hoping that she’ll at least respect his wishes to be home at a decent hour. Stephen finally reaches his breaking point when Casey completely ignores her midnight curfew to stay out all night. The disobedient daughter sneaks into the house as Stephen pretends to sleep on the couch. He confronts Casey, scolding her for smelling like marijuana. But Casey snubs him, saying he isn’t her real father.

This drives Stephen to reveal his lewd recording from the previous night — and his nasty intentions: He shows Casey the footage, using it as leverage to blackmail her into a taboo sexual affair! Desperate to keep her secrets, the frightened slut kneels submissively in front of Stephen, slobbering as she slurps his stiff prick. Casey moans as he drives his meat deeply into her cunt. And then her true, perverted self emerges as she begins to enjoy the twisted encounter! Stephen wants more: He fucks her tight asshole! Totally tamed, Casey rides dick, shouting, “I’m Daddy’s little whore!” The kinky anal session features sloppy, ass-to-mouth cocksucking and harsh manhandling. For the climax, Stephen coats his daughter in a frothy cum facial

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Jerky Wives – Brad Knight, Cory Chase – Mothers Emotional Investment HD mp4

Mom is in bed slowly touching herself, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy. “Hey mom, what are you…” Her son says walking into the room. They both freak out, mom covering herself yelling why he just walked into her room without knocking. “We will talk about this later” Mom says and catches her breath after he leaves. The next day her son comes to talk to her about what happened. “I just wanted to say I think that was kind of hot” He tells her. “You shouldn’t think about stuff like that” she tells him that she’s his mom. He asks her for a quick kiss and leans in kissing her hard when she goes to kiss him. Mom pulls back “that was enough” she says clearly freaked out. They both go to their rooms, uncomfortable. Later that day mom and son cross paths again. “I was thinking about what happened earlier, and I was thinking we could kiss again” Mom says hesitant and with knots in her stomach.

Reluctantly the son agrees and they kiss, the kiss becomes passionate as they lose themselves in each other. His hand slowly reaches up to her breast and she pushes away from him “I said just kissing!” she yells at him. Embarrassed he runs back to his room. They have both been thinking of that kiss all night. Both mom and son can’t sleep so they sneak out of their rooms and go to the living room. “I don’t know if I want to do this or not” Mom says and they slowly kiss. She rubs her hand on his crotch feeling his cock get hard. His hands hungrily feel for his mom’s pussy and she softly moans. “Your so hard” she says jerking her son. She can’t believe she’s doing this but soon finds her son’s penis in her mouth. She sucks him with all the passion and naughtiness of what she is doing. She knows she should not want this but can’t help herself. Suddenly she stops “What am I doing, your my son. I can’t do this to you” she says and leaves upset with herself.

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Taboo-Fantasy – Ashley,Lucas, Summer – American Idol Finale FullHD mp4


It’s the big night….the final Episode of American Idol….the big Season Finale!!! Sisters Ashley & Summer have been watching all Season…and have been looking forward to this final Episode for months. Problem is….The TV in the Den….the only other TV in the house, is broken….and their Brother Lucas wants to watch the Football Game!! The Triplets fiht over the TV remote…..what can these three Sibling work out??? The two girls know what controls boys….even their own Brother….so the girls make a deal. Lucas will be allowed to Poke both of his Sisters….and in exchange for letting their Brother have his way with them….the girls get to watch American Idol…and Lucas must go without seeing the Football Game.

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Conor Coxxx, Dani Dare, Miles Striker – Son Fun In Mum’s Bum 2: A Father’s Cuckold Fantasy HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Daddy Watch how I fuck our Mommy!

While in bed Rick is confessing his fantasy to watch his wife Dani about have sex with another man. Dani being a good girl from the midwest thinks it is ludicrous. But down deep she finds the idea hot and her reaction encourages her husband to keep trying.
He admits to her his biggest secret fantasy would be to watch Dani fuck their son, Conor. At first she is shocked and livid for her husband even thinking of such things, but after she has some time to cool down and they talk about it some more Rick is able to pull her right into his fantasy.
So Conor comes home from college and dad pops the question to him. It catches him completely by surprise…as hot as he knows his mom is he can’t believe his parents would suggest such a thing.

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Conor Coxxx – Payton Hall – A Motherly Reward: Taboo Car BJ & Cum Swallow FullHD [1080p/2018]

Mommy suck my Dick in my car, family porn video.

Fresh from the DMV with his new license, Conor is out driving his mother Payton, showcasing his abilities behind the wheel. “I’m so glad you finally got your driver’s license, son.” His mother, still a bit of overprotective, is nonetheless proud of the accomplishments of her growing young man. “Your grades are good, you kept your job, and you got your license… I think you a deserve a special treat from mommy ;-)” Unsure of what to expect, Conor immediately parks the car as his mother instructs him to take off his pants for his surprise. Payton instantly puts her mouth around her son’s massive cock, sucking harder and harder until her not so little boy empties his balls down the back of her throat. The true definition of motherly love.

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