Ashley Alban – I Love My Black Boyfriend FullHD (1080p/2015)

Ashley has been waiting for you to come home. She has missed your big, black dick. You love slutty white girls, don’t you? White girls just love black guys and there big dicks. Ashley takes her shirt off and takes your dick out. She starts sucking you and gets your dick wet and messy with her spit. She shows you exactly how much she loves your black dick.
Once you’re hard, Ashley turns around. She is just wearing a pair of panties. She says she knows you really like her because she is a slutty white girl with a big ass, plus she knows how to shake it. She wants to shake it on your dick. Ashley takes off her panties and begs for your dick. You slide it in and start fucking her, watching her ass bounce on your dick. You cum deep inside her wet pussy.

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Lovely Liliths Lusty Lair – Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! FullHD (1080p/

Oh… good morning, Daddy! It looks like someone is happy to be awake. What do you mean- What am I doing here? Did you forget what today is? It’s Father’s Day! Mom just dropped me off. It’s your weekend to have me!

So, this Father’s Day I wanted to do something special! Mom got breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day… would you like something else in bed, Daddy? This is something I’ve been wanting to do with you for a very long time…. And… I stole something from mom to wear today… would you like to see it?

Oh, Daddy! I can tell you really like it….Do you like the way I’m touching you, Daddy? I know it’s wrong.. but I won’t tell anyone. You’ve just seemed so lonely lately…I just want to give you the best Father’s Day ever!

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Crystal Knight – Provocative Revival Femdom POV FullHD (1080p/

I am your one true god. Your only religion. And to prove it to you I am going to give you a provocative revival. I am going to enlighten you to declare my perfect holiness as your only savior. The only woman you will look at forever. The only woman that exists in your world forevermore. You need a revival from your vanilla life you despise. You need a rush unlike anything you ever dreamed and the only way you’ll ever find it is by submitting to me.

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Omg Youre My Daddy – Zara Ryan Thats Me Mum Then That Makes You My Dad? SD (TabooDiaries/2016)

Dear Diary,

After a bite we started talking in the kitchen and things got playful once again. This man was insatiable when it came to Australians or something. He laid me on the table and ate my pussy like a starving man. After a bit he pulled me around to suck his cock while he fingered my quim. After I came he took me right there on the table and fucked me really hard. We got so turned on we nearly flipped the table over. After a few good orgasms though he goes and ruins things by cumming inside me.

Being a bit distraught I suggested he show me pictures of the Australian he kept talking about. Imagine my surprise when he showed me a picture of my mum. When the realization hit us both it was a shock and a turn on at the same time so we ended up heading to the bedroom.

Again Daddy? Really!!

I’m Gonna End Up Pregnant For Sure
Finding out he was my Daddy somehow made things even hotter between us. I took Daddys spent cock in my mouth and soon it was rock hard again. I rode Daddy like a good girl and it made me so much wetter than I’ve ever been.

Daddy moved me onto my back after my first orgasm and slid in from the side. Daddy pounded my wet pussy and rubbed my clit until I came so hard I squirted everywhere. He continued plowing me until I squirted again then he came inside me again. Daddys a serial oopser I guess, I’m just not sure how to explain it to my mum when I tell her I’m pregnant.

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Omg Youre My Daddy – Zara Ryan Mile High Mischief and Got Me More Than I Bargained For SD (TabooDiaries/2016)

After a long flight from Australia I was sitting at the airport bar when one of the passengers approached me. He seemed to be a pretty nice bloke so I took a chance and went back to his place. We started messing around a bit and my thing for older gents took over. I undid his dacks and started sucking him right there on the couch.

Things heated up pretty quick and before I knew it he had me bent over the table taking me from behind. This gent really knew what he was doing and soon I was cumming like crazy. He laid me back on the table and really pounded me hard before cumming all over my stomach. Needless to say he invited me to stay til my next flight out.

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