Missbehavin26 – Taking advantage of Mom FullHD (1080p/manyvids.com/2017)

You’ll walk into the bathroom while wearing yoga pants and a tee. You’ll pull down your pants and panties and pee in the toilet while talking on the phone. Once you’re done, you’ll pull up your pants and go to the sink to wash your hands. One of your rings or something will fall in the sink and you’ll put your hand in to retrieve it, but it’ll get stuck. So you call your son over since he’s the only one home at the time. He comes over and makes fun of you at first. You tell him to help you get unstuck. He isn’t feeling very friendly, especially since you don’t let him fuck you anymore. He asks what’s in for him if he helps you out. He starts groping your butt through your yoga pants and sliding his hand up and down your butt crack. You ask him what he wants and he tells you that he’ll help you get out, but after 15 minutes. For those 15 mins, you have to let him do what he wants. You reluctantly agree and he continues playing with your butt. He then pulls down your yoga pants and starts humping you through your panties. You are mad and disgusted with what he is doing, but he tells you that unless you let him continue, you’ll be stuck there. He tells you that you have to encourage what he’s doing and tells you to start talking dirty to him. For the rest of the video you’ll be doing dirty talk in an unamused tone. Saying things like, “Do you like rubbing your dick around mommy’s butt crack?” and “Be a good son and fuck mommy’s pussy baby” Here’s the order for the video:You pee then wash upAfter you get stuck at the sink, your son comes and starts taking advantage of youHe gropes your butt through your yoga pantsHe pulls down your pants and continues playing with your butt, grinding on itYou are disgusted but encourage him otherwise he won’t help youYou start talking dirty while he rubs his dick up and down your butt crack with your panties onHe pulls down your panties and spreads your cheeks and tells you to rub your asshole with your free handYou start grinding on his dick and he plays with your boobsHe starts fucking you from the back and slapping your assHe pulls up your panties and pulls on the waistband while cumming on your ass, so the cum lands in the panties and on your assHe pulls up your yoga pants then grabs the back of your head and makes out with youHe then leaves the bathroom while you’re still stuck

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Goddess Vera – Mommy’s Huge Tits JOI FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 7/23/17 1:05pm

Honey, what is it? It’s late. You know I have work in the morning. What’s that? Your what? Oh sweetie, no… that’s normal. That’s an erection. I’ll tell you more about it in the morning. Is it bothering you? Oh my. Ok.. well let Mommy show you how to take care of it. I’ll wrap my warm hands around your cock and tease you with my huge breasts and perfect, juicy ass… will that make it better?

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Your Son Just Came in My Mouth HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 12/18/15 08:24PM

Dad’s out of town for three days, and even though he just left today, he’s already calling to check in. Are we ever going to get some private mom/son time?
I can’t leave you alone while listening to him go on and on about his trip; I make silly faces at you and stick out my tongue, trying to make you laugh. I lift up my skirt and wiggle my butt at you, while telling your father all about what a big boy you are now, and how you’re definitely the man of the house when he’s away – very responsible.
Sitting down in front of you and shoving my feet into your lap, I tell him that maybe I’ll go and get a massage today – can’t expect my nearly-grown son to give boring old Mom a foot massage anyway, right?
As you caress my feet, one slides to your lap and begins to rub against your obvious hard-on. Soon, I can’t help it anymore and slide to my knees in front of you, my beautiful son, while trying to maintain a believable conversation on the phone with him. I tease you with Mommy’s titties before pulling out your dick and immediately starting to lick, suck, and stroke you. I tell your father that I might also get a ‘facial’ at the spa today…it’s been so very long since Mommy had a facial, after all…
It gets harder and harder to concentrate on the conversation I’m having with him, and before long he can hear the slurping sounds I make while sucking his son’s cock. It’s all I can do to keep it together when he starts up with the dirty talk (I’d so much rather be putting all my attentions toward my boy’s big dick), but, as usual, he comes really fast, leaving Mom with just enough time to suck your cock until it explodes in my mouth.

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Lovely Lilith – Virtual Incest Sissy Has to Titfuck FullHD (1080p/clisp4sale.com//2017)

Added: 9/27/16 07:38PM

What are you doing still sneaking into my room, you little creep? Why were you just eavesdropping on me? Yeah… I’m going to a party tonight. I’m sneaking out– so what? You can’t stop me. I’ve decided I don’t care if people find out about your blackmail porn. I’ll deny everything– plus you’ll get in trouble too!
What?… You…. Wait… How do you know I’m dating him? Who told you I was dating my teacher?!
Well, it doesn’t matter– he’s straight out of college– it’s not a big deal. Besides, we’ll deny everything.
You what?
You have us on camera fucking in the gym?….. Great…. You would really do this? Ruin this guy’s life just to what— watch me shake my tits some more?
You want me to touch your DICK? Are you kidding me? No way! I’m not touching that thing— OOoooh you want a Titty fuck! Ha! Like that’s any better! ….
You really have this evidence, huh?… Fine… I only owe you two more favors after this! Then the blackmail ends! Right? You promise? Fine… you’re already sporting wood, let’s get this over with!

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Sex POV Alexis Fawx – Were going to fix this problem HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 10/28/16 08:00PM

I may be over stepping my boundaries by telling you this but I do not approve of the little skank you are dating. She is the type to accidently get pregnant just so she can trap a good guy like you into life long commitment. I dont have time to be a grandma nor do I want to be a grandma so I have a solution to this potential problem. I want you to give me all of your cum so you have none to give her on your date tonight. Thats right, you are going to fuck your step mom silly so your balls are empty of that baby batter. I got myself fixed long ago so there is no chance in giving me your baby but you will give me every last drop of hot cum.

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