Bad Daddy POV Eden Sin – But You Said Last Time Was The Last Time SD mp4 [2018]

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Petite brunette Eden Sin is spending time at home from school. She is all alone with her step dad while mom is at work. She wants to sit and watch tv but he has other ideas. Eden cuddles her stuffed animal as her step daddy takes the seat next to her. At first it is all innocent, but the man of the house quickly reveals he wants more. Eden Sin is instructed to use her hands to make him feel good. She is used to this. It is clearly not the first time the pair has engaged in this taboo behavior…

Eden Sin asks him if it will be the last time and he promises it will be. But she has heard that before. Eden knows this is now going to be part of her daily activities. Her mom will leave the house and she will be expected to suck and fuck her step daddy until he explodes cum from his hard cock onto her slutty young body. Eden strokes her step father’s hard cock on the couch. He reminds her of how good she felt when he slid it inside her pussy. Eden remembers and obediently strips nude to show off her natural teen body.

She tries to hide her excitement, but it is clear Eden wants to play with the grown man’s hard cock. She moves from the couch to the floor. The submissive teen whore starts to suck her step father’s cock. He grows harder as she drools all over his shaft. The young brunette gives her best messy blowjob. Gagging and deep throating to work up as much spit as she can. Now is the time she really loves.

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You Just Come to Mommy – Breast Bouncing, Cleavage, Milf SD mp4

Oh, my poor darling. I know you only come to me when you have a question about understanding girls. Why are you so tense when you’re about to go on a date with your girlfriend, honey? Because she’s a tease?! Now, why would you say that? Oh… so, she doesn’t want to… go ALL the way… until marriage. Well, honey, that’s perfectly understandable… but I know that young men need… ATTENTION… too. Honey, you just need to relax. You know Mommy will take care of everything. Just lie on my bed, darling, and let me give you a nice, long, relaxing massage. You’ll be so rested; I’ll work out every knot, ball of tension, and HARD spot. Just concentrate on Mommy’s warm, soothing hands, the motherly touch you trust your worries to, and I’ll make sure you know just who to come to whenever you’re just so tense again.

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Kink Family Porn – Amy Wynters – Jerk Off With Mommy HD mp4 [720p/British / Kent, UK/2018]

You come into mummys room with an erection. We’re both A bit embarrassed & I ask what caused it, you say you were watching mommy get dressed. Its flattering so i ask you to show me & I’m astonished by how lovely & large your penis is. I tell you i’m going to show you how to stroke for me & as i do this i get so aroused i start to touch myself too. If we only touch our selfs it can’t be wrong especially when it feels this good

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Jess Ryan – Step Mom Fashion Show – Bikini, Step Mom & Step Son Fantasy HD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Step Mom Fashion Show Bikinis
I need my step son to help me pick out a bikini because his father and I are going on a cruise. I have to try on each one too. The more i try on, the more he likes! He likes every single bikini I try on…I notice his “pup tent” forming

Step Mom Fashion Show Lingerie
Well now I need my step son to help me pick out something sexy to wear. So I have to try on every one of my little nighties and teddys…he likes each and every one of them

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Emmas Secret Life – Worthless Mother HD mp4 [720p/ American / United States/2018]

This is a custom clip. You enter your son’s room, planning to tell him how you will be going to the beach for the afternoon. As you are about to speak, you realize he is packing a bag. He is clearly upset and it looks like he is planning to run away. Considering your background, you absolutely cannot let this happen. All of the other men have left your life, but you will not allow your own son to. You will do absolutely anything to make him stay. As should be obvious, you will eventually work up to becoming his sex slave.

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Amy Wynters – Jerk Off To Mom Tits HD mp4 [1080p/ British / Kent, UK/2018]

I’m looking in the mirror applying my red lipstick checking out my sexy red lingerie, tan stockings & black heels when i notice you spying on me. I didn’t expect you to be up so late & I tell you i have a ‘friend’ coming round so that is why i’m all dressed up. You think mummy looks so pretty tonight you can’t help but stare at my large nipples you can see through my top. I take you to bed to tuck you in then i say I’ve noticed some sticky wetness in sheets & i think its time we had the ‘talk’. I tell you not to be embarrassed we all do it! I ask what you’ve been jerking off too & you can’t help but blush as you look at my big natural tits. I soon realise the effect they have on so i show them to you whilst I ask you to show me how you’ve been touching yourself.Its clear to see you’re doing it a bit too fast so I offer to guide you through a jerk off session whilst looking at my lovely juicy boobies. Jerk off to moms tits like a good boy.

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I’ve Done a Really Bad Thing – Virtual Blowjob and Handjob SD mp4

Oh, Baby, Mommy’s done a really bad thing. I didn’t really want it, didn’t ASK for it, but it’s done now. It’s happened. You’re my little confidante, my darling boy, the love of my life. We can tell each other secrets, can’t we? And keep each other’s secrets, yes?

I… I went out tonight with the girls, just wanting to have fun, really. Just to dress up, feel pretty, and I loved the attention from strange men. Honey, Mommy has been very naughty. Mommies aren’t perfect. Will you still love me? Are we still best friends? I slept with a man that wasn’t your daddy – it hurts so much to say it – and… I just wanted to feel beautiful, to feel GOOD. You think I’m pretty, don’t you? You love me, don’t you? I can’t believe how grown up you look, how soon you’ll be having your first experience with a woman. You won’t be my best friend anymore; you’ll love someone else more than me. But you’re with ME now… you’re MINE now… you’ll always love your Mommy, won’t you? Just like I’m loving you, holding you, touching you now…

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Lily Rader, Aaron Wilcox, Jack Vegas – Daddy with Friend Rape small Daughter FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Hostage Mistake

3 masked men are holding a young Daughter hostage. The young Daughter is gaged and handcuffed, dragged to the living room where the leader of this group hands her to the other two guys and tells them to show her good time while he negotiate deal for her return. The leader thinks they deserve it because he doesn’t know if anybody will actually make it alive.

After he leaves the other two guys starts molesting the young Daughter.

Reviled her breasts and plays rough with them. They pull her skirt up and rub her pussy. One of the guys pulled her gag down and sticks the barrel of his gun in her mouth and warns her if she bites or dose anything stupid he will blow her head off. Then he replaced the gun with a dick and forced her to BJ. Gagging her with the dick and making her throw up.

When one guy was enjoying sloppy BJ, the other guy went behind her and fucks her young pussy. They switched and her torturing continues. The man forces her down on the floor continue fucking her pussy missionary when the other guy still fucking, gagging her mouth. Then he starts choking her with his hands, the other guy hands him garrote to kill her. When she is dead, her body continues to twitch which makes one of the guys climaxes on her pussy

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Scandal Family Porn – Mom’s Ass is the Best Medicine – Asscheek Fucking FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Custom (no name): You come home early from running because you pulled a muscle in your leg. Mom tells you to lie down on the couch so she can massage it. She wants you to take off your pants so she can find the exact spot that hurts, but you’re reluctant. She insists, and she presses on the affected area to convince you. It hurts real bad, so you do what mother says. She’s obviously excited the moment she sees your big cock, but she tries to play it cool. She does her motherly duties & attends to the sore area. As she’s massaging you, she has to keep moving your cock aside, and you can’t help but get harder each time she touches you.

Finally she can’t resist & starts stroking it. She can tell by your expression that it feels good & is taking your mind off the pain. So she starts sucking it too. You want to be insider her, but obviously mom can’t actually let you fuck her. She decides it’s ok if you fuck her ass cheeks. She rubs oil all over herself so your cock will glide. You sigh with pleasure as she wraps her ass around your cock, then she shakes it at you & invites you to lie down on the floor so she can squat over you. She tells you to cum for her, she thinks it will relieve some of the pain. You shoot a big load all over her round ass, and a little of it even drips onto her foot. Yes, that really did take your mind off the pain. Mom knows best.

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