Primals FANTASIES The Headmaster – Jasmine Wolff SD (

Added: 9/26/14

Professor Masters (From Night School) has come to visit his favored student Jasmine who is now a teacher at a prestigious all girls school. For some reason Jasmine doesn’t seem to remember her former professor but He is the new Headmaster of the school and the first thing he does is reactivate Jasmines programming…

Part 1 – Jasmine is a teacher at a prestigious all girls private school. Her “Night School” professor comes to visit her, but although she can remember the class she doesn’t really remember him, until he snaps his fingers…Jasmine, talks to Jade after class, she seems to slip into an odd state as she instructs Jade to see the new Headmaster. Jades Training begins

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Lena Paul – Quality Time with Sister HD (

I noticed this summer that my son was spending an awful lot of time locked in the garage… It must be awfully hot in there and with a pool out back, I grew very suspicious. So, I waited and I snuck into the garage. I wasn’t expecting what I found him doing there… or how aroused it got me. Catching my own Brother jerking off like that. I felt so dirty but I had to touch myself… That’s when HE caught ME.. What’s a mother to do caught with her panties down… so to speak? When he asked me to suck it … I felt disgusted but also excited. And sank to my knees to give my son exactly what he wanted… my hot wet mouth around his cock….

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Lena Paul, Nathan – Using My Big Sister’s Throat HD (720p/2017)

Sister and Brother have a crazy sex life. They like to get nasty from time to time. Who doesn’t, right? Tonight is no exception. Sister is tied to the bed… dressed like a slutty little schoolgirl. Her big tits are just hanging out… and best of all… she’s blind folded. When her Brother stumbles into the room… He just can’t help himself. He’s been jerking his cock to Sister’s big tits… and now’s his chance. He sneaks into the room and doesn’t say a word. Horny Sister thinks Father has returned. It isn’t long before her Sister is using her hot wet mouth… Burying himself in her throat, he snatches off her blindfold. Sister is shocked to see her Brother instead of her husband and struggles to get free but can’t. She’s horrified and embarrassed… having been tricked into sucking her own Brother’s cock. But if she’s honest… it does feel good. It does taste good. Maybe.. maybe she can just finish him off real fast.. if he promises not to tell Dad…

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