Jerky Wives – Cory Chase – Gamblers Wife – A Milf Always Pays her Depts – Anal, cum shots, cum swallow SD []

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Scene Two: Milf always pays her debts

It’s been an month and Cory has no where near enough money to pay for her husband. Putting on a tight dress she hopes she can workout the same deal as before. When the mobster asks for the cash she pulls up her dress to show her naked pussy. “I don’t have the money right now. I hope this will give me an extra 30 days.” She whimpers.

“Looks like something we can work out” He tells her taking her to the bathroom and forcing her to the floor. Cory sucks the mobsters cock feeling worse and worse about it as she does. What a whore she’s become for her husband, bending herself over the sink and letting a stranger fuck her pussy and ass. He has her clean his cock before dumping his disgusting load all over her face. “You have one month to pay us back or your going to be my private whore you understand?” He leaves her destroyed on the floor. How is she ever going to get that much money.

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Chloe Night – Riding My Brother Till Creampie – adult content, Porn Incest FullHD [1080p/Canadian / Western Canada/]

Apr 05

This cock is so good to me, I just had to show my appreciation. We exchange oral attention, but I can’t seem to stay off of him throughout the entire video. Spring fever has made me eager to bounce and grind on top of my baby. I ride him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl till I squirt and he responds with a beautifully hot creampie. I loved being intimate with him among flower petals, I hope you think it’s pretty too. xoxo

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UNCLE JACK’S NIECES – Nap Time with Kingsley and Jack Moore – Uncle/Niece sex, Porn Incest, enthusiastic fuck

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Kingsley was visiting her Uncle Jack. She was exhausted from her trip and needed a nap and she remembered how comfortable Uncle Jack’s bed was. She called out to her Uncle Jack if she could take a nap in his bed. Dirty old Uncle Jack thinks, Kingsley, beautiful sexy Kingsley in my bed. Well, that was too much to ask of Uncle Jack to just let that go so he had to check it out. As he stood in the doorway watching Kingsley turn down the bed, those two things, Kingsley and bed are just too wonderful together to let go. Uncle Jack walked up behind her and it sure seemed like Kingsley knew what was happening, there was absolutely no surprise. Jack caressed that young lady from behind, Kingsley soaked it up and then started rubbing her magnificent butt against Jack’s dick. Jack slipped her panties off and Kingsley didn’t protest, apparently she wasn’t all that tired. Jack then rolled her on her back, he really wanted to taste that beautiful, wet pussy. Oh ya, it was wet, real wet. Uncle Jack licked and sucked on that pussy and Kingsley got more and more wet. Kingsley wanted to return the favor so after she came she turned around and started sucking on Jack’s cock. She’s really good at that and really love doing it. Kingsley was getting Uncle Jack so excited he had to slow her down, wow that’s some absolutely great head. But now, that pussy. That blow job was awesome but that pussy is to for. Kingsley was already super wet, giving head gets her really excited so when Jack wanted to put his dick in her pussy, she was ready. Jack turned her over on the side of the bed so he had that butt, ohhhh that butt, facing him. Jack slid his dick in, she was so wet it slipped right in. Jack just wanted to leave it there for a while and enjoy that feeling but Kingsley wanted him to start stroking and, of course what Kingsley wants Kingsley get. Uncle Jack started pumping that pussy and Kingsley took every bit of him then Kingsley lifted her leg up on the bed so Jack could get deeper and see that pussy better, an amazing sight, and if that wasn’t enough, Kingsley reached back with her hand and started stroking Jack’s dick as he was fucking her. The sensations were amazing, that delicious, wet pussy stroking on his cock that those delicate hands caressing Jack’s dick and balls. Kingsley knew just how to really get Jack. Jack got up on the bed with Kingsley and banged her some more doggy but then he wanted to get Kingsley on top so he could watch her perform and what a performance. Kingsley rode that cock, grinding and stroking, playing with it, teasing it. Jack was about to explode. Jack rolled Kingsley over on her stomach and banged away on that pussy until he just couldn’t hold it any longer and shot a huge load in her. As if her pussy wasn’t already wet, it got soaked. An amazing girl, body, adorable face, delicious pussy, great head and very orgasmic. What more could you ask for. Kingsley is the best.

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UNCLE JACK’S NIECES – Rub-A-Dub Tug short Melanie Purple Jack Moore – Uncle/Niece sex, Porn Incest, Taboo

I guess Melanie likes visiting her Uncle Jack, she came back. This goes with out saying, Uncle Jack loves having Melanie around too. She’s delightful, really pretty with an athletic body, fit, trim and she knows how to use it. When she gets horny she knows exactly what to do. Uncle Jack is along for the ride and what a ride. Melanie’s taking a bubble bath. That can be pretty sensuous. Melanie is getting excited washing herself, the warmth of the water, the feel of the bubbles. Uncle Jack is giving her some girl time, staying out of the way. But wait, there’s more. “Uncle Jack, would you wash my back?” Music to Uncle Jack’s ears. “Sure honey, but do you think it’s ok?” Of course not but has that ever stopped him before? Melanie wants what she wants, Uncle Jack is happy to help out, it’s a win win. Watch Melanie stroke Uncle Jack, teasing him then suck him. She takes him all the way and I mean all the way, balls deep. Uncle Jack is astounded, he can’t believe his little niece has those skills but she does, again and again, balls deep. Then Melanie wants doggy style. She pumps on Uncle Jack’s dick, that’s her dick to do with as she pleases and she intends to please herself. She bangs away. Finally Uncle Jack can’t take it any more, asks her to ride him and she does. She rides him, smiles, laughs, has a wonderful time. Uncle Jack is ready to pop at any moment. Melanie, please cum for me and she does and does some more. Watch this beautiful young lady enjoy her orgasms, over and over again, in the tub, with bubbles. Deep throat, doggy style, cowgirl all in a bubble bath. It’s awesome.

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UNCLE JACK’S NIECES – Riding Hard with Nora Doll and Jack Moore – Uncle/Niece sex, Porn Incest, Taboo

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Nora had been learning a lot about fun with her Uncle Jack. Now she was getting horny and who else to call for help but, of course, Uncle Jack. It was time for Nora to just enjoy sex and Uncle Jack wanted it to be an experience she wouldn’t forget. Nora woke Jack up, she knew he would rise to the occasion and of course he did. Since this was for Nora, Uncle Jack warmed her up, as though she needed it, with a little fingering. That beautiful clit of Noras just popped right up. Now that Jack has her attention it was time to give Nora a little licking. Uncle Jack tickled her clit, stroked it gently then started kissing it, gently at first but then a little more intense. Jack licked her then squeezed that beautiful clit just a little and licked it some more then sucked on it and Nora enjoyed every moment. Nora was way ready so Uncle Jack slipped into that beautiful pussy. She was so ready and so wet. Uncle Jack stroked that pussy with his dick, a little harder then a little harder yet. Nora wanted more and when Jack slowed down Nora stroked on his dick, so incredibly sexy, she wants it and shes going to have it. Uncle Jack thought hed teach her a few different positions so he lifted her leg and rolled around behind her so now hes in her from behind, laying on their side. Uncle Jack stoked then played with her clit and fucked her more. Nora was loving it. Then without warning, Uncle Jack rolled on his back, lifting Nora as he rolled so she ended on top in a reverse cowgirl. Nora wast sure what was going on but she adapted immediately. Nora rode Uncle Jack like a champ, jumping up and down on his dick, now Uncle Jack was in heaven, watching that beautiful butt bouncing up and down on his dick. Uncle Jack just laid back and enjoyed the show, and a magnificent show it was. Uncle Jack wanted to show Nora how easy it was to change from one position to another so he pulled her off his dick and pulled her hips back to his face so they could 69. That wet, sloppy pussy was delicious and Nora knew just what she was supposed to do, she sucked on Uncle Jack hard and fast and even deep throated him. Uncle Jack was amazed she was able to get all of him, shes awesome. Uncle Jack wanted some more of that sweet pussy so Nora turned around and rode Uncle Jack some more cowgirl. Now she was able to completely take charge and she hammered away on Jack. Oh man, Jack couldt hold it any longer and blew a huge load in her pussy and she soaked up every drop, well almost every drop but Nora wanted to be sure she got it all so when Jack slid out she grabbed his dick and shoved it back in again. This is one hungry girl.

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Taboo-Fantasy – Daddy`s Daughter Fantasy – Shower fuck, Daughter, Incest FullHD


Tara’s Dad walks by the bathroom door…and sees Tara in the Shower. Tara is a VERY Nerdy girl….but when she takes her clothes off….she has a smoking hot body!!! As Dad watches her in the shower….he fantasizes about being in the shower with her….having sex with her!!! Later that day…Dad’s conscience gets the best of him….and he wants to rid himself of his guilt and shame…so he calls Tara into his bedroom, and confesses his Fantasy to her. Tara, of course is stunned by this disturbing revelation….but also somewhat “flattered” by being the object of his Fantasy. Tara is VERY inexperienced…and somewhat “Gullible” so horny Dad tells Tara that Daddy’s having sex with their Daughters is quite common. Tara questions her Dad…but blindly believes him….so when Dad asks if Tara would like to make his Fantasies come to life…and have sex with him….Gullible Tara agrees!!! Tara and Daddy have a steamy Fuck….ending with Tara Jerking her Daddy’s hot cum load onto her pert young tits!!!

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Taboo-Fantasy – April – Daddy`s Relaxed – Incest, Taboo Roleplay, Drunk Daddy FullHD


Boy oh boy….talk about “Taking One For The Team”….you will NOT believe what young April has to do to Protect her Mom!!! It’s 4:00 am…..and April is up watching the late Movie on TV…when her Dad comes home Relaxed……Relaxed as a Skunk!!! He is staggering all over the Living Room….still Relaxing….and demanding to know where April’s Mom is. When April’s Dad gets Relaxed….he gets Horny….REALLY Horny…..and he needs to Fuck his Wife. April tells her Dad that Mom went to bed hours ago….and that she was not feeling well….and there is no way he can wake her up and demand sex. Dad doesn’t care if she’s tired….or sick….he’s Relaxed and he needs to Fuck….so he tries to go into the Bedroom to wake Mom up. Being the good Daughter that she is….April prevents her Dad from going into the Bedroom….and offers up herself instead!!! Relaxed Dad is confused….”Do you even know “how” to do it???” he asks his young Daughter. April tells him that she knows what to do….and begins to take her shorts off. Dad tells April that the first thing he likes to do when he is Relaxed and Horny is to eat Pussy……so April reluctantly opens her legs as her Dad slobbers all over her young Pussy. “Daddy this is disgusting!!!” she says. After her Dad has devoured her Pussy…he demands a Cock-Sucking from the young girl….and then….he begins to Fuck her!!! Dad Pounds April very hard…over and over….while still Relaxing!!! April must remain still and quiet (she doesn’t want her Mother to wake up)….as her Dad pumps away….until finally….mercifully…..he finishes. Dad rolls off of April…and immediately falls asleep. April is almost in tears, as she says ” I hope Mom appreciates what I did for her….”.

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