Kinky Visions – Aaliyah Taylor – Molly Jane Cheating with Aaliyah’s Man HD (720p/

Added: 8/8/15

Candi Chains the Diapered Flower GirlAaliyah has a big day planned for her baby Candi and wakes her up from her sleep to tell her the good news, she has been asked to be the flower girl at Aaliyahs Aunt’s wedding. Candi has no clue what to expect and really doesn’t have a choice on what is going to happen, so she sits and plays while her mommy gets dressed for the wedding. Aaliyah brings out her little flower girls outfit and lays her down to get her diaper changed. Since it will be a long wedding, she puts Candi in a thick white diaper with two stuffers in so she doesn’t have to stop during the wedding to get changed. Candi is then dressed in a short dress and petticoat that will not hide her diaper, and last is her white tights and shoes. Aaliyah has her baby practice walking down the aisle and pretending to throw flowers, but she isn’t happy with her babys performance and gives her a few good swats on her padded bum and threatens to spank her again if she isn’t doing a good job. Aaliyah gives her baby one last look over before they leave to go to the wedding.

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase & Vanessa Cage – Supergurl is Trained and Broken FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/20/17

Scene One: Super Gurl Slave outfit
“You’re in big trouble!” Super Gurl says. “Am I?” Sorceress responds zapping Super Gurl with her magic. “You’re under my control” the sorceress Tala smiles. “Now bend over, we’re going to have some fun.” Super Gurl’s body moves against her will and she bends over like a slave to the sorceresses command. Sorceress strips the horrified and confused Super Gurl and gropes her trembling body.
With a terrible smile the Sorceress slides a cold steel butt plug into Super Gurl’s ass. Super Gurl screams at the indignity but is unable to break the spell. The sorceress puts a collar around Super Gurl’s throat. “You’re not a super hero anymore” She whispers to her. Sorceress touches Super Gurl’s super sensitive pussy with a vibrator. “Just let it happen, don’t fight it” Sorceress tells her as she forces Super Gurl to cum like a little slave slut. Super Gurl can’t believe she just came, what’s wrong with her.
To complete Super Gurl’s slave outfit Sorceress zaps a chastity device on her that can only be removed by magic. “Try to get out of this… you’re not going anywhere” Sorceress laughs at her new pet. Super Gurl struggles to break the device like her life depended on it.
Scene Two: Good little doggie

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Princess Lexie’s Clip Store – Step Daughter JOI SD (

Added: 12/9/13

I’m your hot step-daughter and I’m home for my winter break from school. All my friends are still away at college so I’m super bored and spending most of my time just lounging around the house in sexy bratty outfits like this. I come into your office looking for entertainment and after just a few minutes of seeing me in these clothes, you quickly develop a bulge in your pants.

I notice it too, and I start to tease you. you’re hesitant at first, after all: I’m your step-daughter and you’re my step-daddy! But eventually, I get my way and you pull out your dick and start jerking it to me.

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Alexis Fawx – My Mother and I: Love At First Sight HD (720p/

Dear Diary
Things have gotten really strange around here since my 18th birthday and now I know why. Mother has been wanting another baby for years but she is unable to conceive. The other day she started talking to me about it and told me she had a plan. She shocked me by asking me to get pregnant by daddy but I agreed after a bit. I’ll do anything for Mother.

That night she started getting frisky on the couch then blindfolded him and had me take her place. I kissed and teased daddy to warm myself up a bit then got him undressed. His cock was bigger then I imagined so I took it gingerly in my mouth.

Daddy sensed something was different but didn’t say much I couldn’t shush until I started riding his cock. Mother came in and began to masturbate and talk dirty to him so things went as planned. I rode daddy awhile and after I quietly came he bent me over on the couch. Within minutes Daddy filled my fertile pussy with a huge creampie. Thats when he pulled the blindfold off and was completely shocked. I hope this time worked because I’m not sure Daddy will do it again after that.

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Cherie Deville, Jill Kassidy – Mother watching than Come HD (720p/

Hey son, can we talk a minute? I haven’t gotten much attention from your father lately and it’s driving me crazy. Forgive me for being this forward but I know you’re a virgin and I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t know if it’s the hormones or what but Mommy really wants to be your first. Oh my it looks like you’re already getting aroused so I’ll take that as a yes.

I knew it was you peeking at me in the bathroom the other day. Do you like watching Mommy get undressed? It sure looks like you do son, you’re going to have to really control yourself. See if you cum too soon Mommy might not enjoy herself as much. I can’t wait any longer I have to taste your young virgin cock.

You like when Mommy does that don’t you. I can tell by the way you’re throbbing. Ok son I’m going to sit on that hard cock of yours now so remember don’t cum too fast. Oh my son you’re so much bigger than your father I’m gonna cum already. Wow Mommy really needed that, I haven’t cum that hard or that much in awhile. Do you like the way your cock feels in mommys pussy? Well now it’s going to feel even better, cum inside me son and give mommy that virgin seed. Thats a good son, now remember don’t tell your father!!

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MaryJane Auryn – My First Anal Creampie my Little Sister HD (720p/2017)

Time has passed since the last indulging of the sweetest taboo love between Brother and Sister. Brother is in dire need to enter Sister right away. Sister has been busy and not thinking about shaving or sexual intercourse, but she can not hide her compliance as Brother easily penetrates her young, sweet, naked, ready vagina deeply. It’s a thick struggle exposing Sister to be open and aroused, her clear juices quickly overwhelming the stiff intruder stand witness for her excitement. She had missed Brother, it’s obvious… and he is eager to enter his lovely sweet home. Brother and Sister always think about each other, minds loaded with joy, their arousal reaches new heights as they dare to experiment…

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MaryJane Auryn – Sister shared Brother`s Cock she girlfriend HD (720p/2017)

Her First Time Doing Porn

Banket moving.. revealing.. hairy Sister is no less arousing to Brother than shaved. Those who have known each other forever don’t care about superficial things like hair. Not when a vagina is a fresh and exciting as this one. Sister is in great shape, her skin soft. Much the opposite of Brothers dick.

Teasingly.. eagerly poking against Sister’s entrance.. when will it slide in? When will this intimacy go all the way? Oh my god, this is really happening.. gently..curiously.. fucking Sister. The own Sister! It goes so deep.. juicy… fast..deeper…faster.. then.. the incredible.. the highlight of every love, the unthinkable in taboo love.. Brother and Sister orgasm at the same time. What an unreal sight, who ever saw something like this? There is someone who can watch it happen…

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MaryJane Auryn – Good Morning Brother I want to fuck HD (720p/2017)

Oh we don’t need a condom now, our love is complete. Just keep still.. stay there.. keep filming, this is so arousing… deep…deeply spread me, Brother. Don’t stop.. penetrate my tiny jewel.. give me the love I need… oh your so sweet Brother.. you pulled out.. but don’t.. I’ll stick you back in so you can finish cuming.. finish.. INSIDE of me.. don’t fight it.. don’t be afraid that I’ll get pregnant.. It’ll be fate…oh boy.. I shouldn’t have done that.. that was the most taboo ever. And so hot, I can’t believe I did that.

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