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It has been 2 months since son started fucking mom and she still isn’t pregnant. One day, he finds his mom looking through her bathroom drawers. She looks frantic and flustered. He asks her what is wrong. She quickly tries to regain her composure and says nothing is wrong. He asks if she is looking for something. She says she can’t seem to find something that the doctor gave to her. He asks if she means birth control. She quickly denies it and says that she wouldn’t do that because she knows that he wants to make her pregnant. He says he learned her cycle and she is definitely getting very close to her ovulation time. She admits that she is already ovulating right now. He says now is the perfect time for a creampie.

Suddenly very nervous, she asks him to wait until she finds what she is looking for. He tells her he found her birth control and hid them. Shocked, she scolds him and tells him he shouldn’t be going through her personal things. He threatens to show them to dad and tell him that she is having an affair. Please don’t! she begs. The only way he will keep her secret is if he can creampie her pussy right now. Please don’t, she begs. There is something else, he mentions. While he fucks her, she has to keep saying how much she wants his cum inside her. He also wants her to say how she can’t wait to be impregnated by him and have his baby. She refuses, saying this has gone too far. He says he will have no choice but to tell dad about her secrets. She lets out a heavy sigh, and realizes she has no choice. She agrees. He asks her get on top of him and ride him. She slides his cock into her pussy and moans as he fucks her intensely. He reminds her about their deal. She starts making comments about how much she wants to get pregnant from her son and how badly she wants to have his baby. This continues until he cums deep inside her. He tells her to lay back and push his cum deeper inside her. She complies. A few weeks later, mom enters sons room and sits down with him. She tells him she is late this month and she took a pregnancy test. He got his wish; she is going to have a baby. Wade Cane, Jane Cane, creampie, cream pie, cumshot, cum shot, taboo, family, cheat, cheating, pregnant, shiny cock films, blackmail

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