Primal’s SUPERHEROINE SHAME – Casey Calvert – White Knight Submits to the Warlock HD mp4

White Knight has come to take down the evil Warlock. The villain materializes behind her and uses his magic to freeze her in place, able to speak and feel but utterly helpless. The superheroine tries to be defiant as he poses and fondles her vulnerable body, but the Warlock knows she won’t be able to resist his magic.

Using a spell the Warlock takes control of White Knights body, forcing her to touch herself, and even making her body more sensitive, WK tries to resist but soon she is shaking as orgasms overcome her. The Warlock is merciless and as WK’s orgasms increase to agonizing intensity she submits, leaving herself vulnerable to the Warlock’s enslavement spell, making her his obedient slave forever!

Categories: FEMALE TRAINING, MAGIC CONTROL, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, SLUT TRAINING, MENTAL DOMINATION, Casey Calvert, submissive sluts, white knight, catsuit, mask fetish, dancing, lapdance, forced orgasms, orgasms, spanking, groping, boots

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:17:46
Size: 780 Mb

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