Robot and Limp Videos – Alex Chance and Cory Chase in Mind Wipe – Limp Fetish, Freeze Time HD mp4

Alex and Cory are sitting a couch when Cory’s boyfriend walks in. Cory says that she has been practicing mind control and would like to try it out on him. The boyfriend says that mind control is stupid and it will never work. Cory convinces him to let her try it out on him. Cory stands up and waves her hand in front of her boyfriends face and says, “obey!” Instantly Cory stands up at attention as does Alex, both of stiff with arms stiff against their body.

Cory and Alex say “Yes master I will obey” and stand at attention with mouths open. The boyfriend is a bit stunned but quickly realizes that the whole mind control thing backfired and now both Cory and Alex are under his control.

He looks over the blank stiff bodies and a very big smile comes to his face. He commands them both to strip each other. Both always respond with “yes master I will obey.” He then commands them to put your arms up and do a bit of zombie walking and tells Cory and Alex to repeat “I am a mindless obedient slave,” while they walk around in a small circle. Meanwhile he commands the other model to bend over and he inspects her ass and gives it a rub and light smack. He then has them both stand together and then sit on the couch with your legs crossed. He tells them both that whenever he waves his hand in front of their face, they will once again become a mindless obedient slave.

He wakes them both up and of course both are confused and angry that they are naked. He then waves his hand in front of Alex and she sits at attention and says “Yes master I will obey.” Cory is dumbfounded by this and starts yelling at her boyfriend and asks him what is going on. He then waves his hand in front of her face and she are once again a mindless slave responding “Yes master I will obey.”

He then plays a game to see who is the biggest slut and who will be deactivated. The Sex Bots are given a simple task, cum the most, cum the loudest and cum longest. Whoever wins will be his sex bot slave forever while the loser will be deactivated…

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