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Scene One: Bribing Parents Dillion wants to go out on the town. When she asks her mom Cory, she says no. Dillion pulls herself close to Cory and begins to kiss her trying to bribe her mom into letting her go. Cory pulls away shocked and grounds Dillion. Pissed off she goes down stairs to ask her dad if she can go out. When he says to go ask your mother she decides to bribe him instead. She runs her hands over his body. He looks at her with confusion as she pulls off her top. Getting on to her knees she sucks his cock. Dillion pleads with him to cum in her mouth so she can go out with her friends. He shoots his hot load into his daughters hard sucking mouth and she swallows him down. If he tattles on her Dillion will tell everyone that she sucked his cock.

Scene Two: I need to get fucked Dillion goes down stairs to find her dad watching TV. Dressed only in her underwear she sits next to him and tries to get his attention with her hot body. When he seems more interested in TV than her she pulls her panties to the side and begins to rub her pussy. She moans “oh daddy fuck me” to him. He keeps trying to ignore his daughters moans and pleads but it becomes to much for him and he pulls down his pants to give his daughter what she wants. She squeals in delight as her dad fucks her hard on the couch. She tells him to fuck her harder encouraging him to destroy her with his cock. Holding her tight, he cums deep inside her pussy. Dillion loves the warm feeling of her dads cum inside of her and thanks him for the fuck.

Scene Three: Fuck you mom Cory finds out that Dillion has been going out while she is grounded. Pulling her over her knee Cory pulls down Dillion’s panties and spanks her. Cory lets her up and asks if she has had enough? Dillion is angry and tells her mom to fuck off, and that she has been fucking dad. Dillion pulls off Cory’s clothes and pins her to the bed. She kisses and fondles her mom asking her if this is what she wants. Dillion puts her pussy over Cory’s face and makes her eat out her husbands cum. Cory licks her daughter until Dillion has a tremendous orgasm. She tells her mom that she is the one grounded and leaves the room.

Scene Four: Fucking daddy every day Dillion has never been fucked by a guy like she was fucked by her dad. She dreams of his cock at night rubbing her pussy in her bed. Putting on her sexiest clothes she drags her dad into her room. She tells him that every night before he goes to bed he is going to come to her room to fuck her. She pushes him onto the bed and sucks his hard cock. Jumping on top of him she energetically bounces up and down fucking him hard. She begs him to cum on her face which he does with a hot load of cum. She is going to keep his cum on her face all night long thinking of him fucking her.

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