Taboo-Fantasy – Pavlov’s Bell – Brother use hipnosis to turn his Sister into a sex Robot FullHD

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Lexy is a little Brat….and a sneaky little cock teaser!!! She has developed a habit of annoying/teasing her Brother Josh. She even goes as far as flashing her bare boobs to him, in an effort to frustrate and excite him. Poor Josh has had about enough of his stupid, bratty Sister….so he plots a sinister revenge!! Josh has been attending school for “hypnotism” …..and he asks his bothersome Sister for help in preparing for his upcoming exam. Lexy, of course is derisive and insulting….but Josh convinces her to let him practice on her. Unfortunately (for Lexy)….Josh has become quite competent at “”….and he puts her under a trance. Once under….Lexy is trained with a special “Bell”….known as a “Pavlov’s Bell”.

She is programmed to become obedient to her Brother upon hearing the sound of the Bell. Josh programs his annoying Sister…..and a few hours later, when she is waiting for her Date to pick her up…Josh decides to cash in by ringing Pavlov’s Bell!!! After hearing the Bell….Lexy becomes completely limp, and mesmerized…..and unwittingly follows all the commands from her demented Brother!! Josh forces Lexy to suck his cock. he forces her to let him lick her cunt. He forces her to take a hard fucking….before using her face as a cum dumpster!!!! Once he is finished violating her…Josh snaps his fingers to break the spell….and Lexy is totally perplexed by the warm, sticky fluid all over her face!!!

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