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It’s eight in the morning, and my daughter’s trying to sneak into the house. Obviously, she’s had a long night, because she doesn’t even notice me sitting right here on my couch. Still, she’s not overly-concerned…Ashley knows her dad’s just a big old softie anyway..

Not this morning. Dad’s not happy about all the boys, and the broken curfews, and now it seems you just don’t come home at all? My little girl just smiles sweetly, doing those cute things with her arms, because she’s still thinking I’m going to let her off the hook again..

This is enough…this is all over…and so is that slutty little black dress you’re wearing.

“How many hands have been on that dress, young lady??”

You’re not going to bed until you take that thing OFF! That’s right…wipe that shocked look off your face…I’m your dad…I’ve had it, and I want that dress in the trash can!Don’t be mad. OK..go ahead and be mad. Just take that dress off…NOW! And the heels..yes that’s right, the heels. All this slutty attire is gone, young lady..Hiding herself from dad, and standing there in front of me in just her panties, my daughter Ashley finally understands who’s in charge.

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