UNCLE JACK’S NIECES April Dawn, Jack Moore – This is how it’s done SD 2017

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April had a date with her boyfriend. They had been together for a month and she wanted to make it special so she bought some new lingerie and to see if it looked right she got out of the shower and wanted to check it out with her Uncle Jack. Jack was happy to look but then he realized she had plans more than just new underwear. April showed Jack three different outfits but they were all lingerie, wait, the boyfriend is not going to see that so what difference does it make. Well, maybe he will see it and a lot more.

April thought maybe she could test her plans out on Uncle Jack. When Jack realized what she had in mind he lost his self restraint and he was putty in her hands, whatever she wanted. April stroked Uncle Jack’s leg to get his attention, as thought she needed to try for his attention. Then she stroked his dick, no doubt she had his complete attention, and when she started licking his dick April knew she had him just where she wanted him. April licked his dick, first the head then around the head then the entire shaft, Uncle Jack was helpless. When April took Uncle Jack’s dick in her mouth she knew she had complete control but when she took Jack all the way down her throat that’s when she knew she was going to have everything her way. April sucked and slurped and licked every inch of Jack’s rock hard cock. She played with it, teased it and finally April pulled the cum right out of him. Uncle Jack blasted and blasted then blasted some more, it was a huge cum shot, Uncle Jack was drained. April was pretty sure she was going to have a wonderful date and was on her way. Poor Uncle Jack, left alone and completely drained. But wait, she’ll be back and maybe there will be more. Stay tuned.

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