Virtual Discipline : Johnny’s Haircut HD (720p/2016)

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Welcome to my home, Johnny. I’m hoping that your stay here will be fun and educational…but first things first. I’m going to give you a haircut, so that you look like a proper gentleman.

What?! You don’t want a haircut? You refuse?!

I won’t tolerate that kind of backtalk in my home, young man. I’m pulling you over my lap RIGHT NOW for a hard hand spanking, and then you’re going to march upstairs and get that haircut – a buzzcut, no less.

Now that we’re in the bathroom, you want to try and get out of it, but you’ll sit right there and let me cut every bit of that hair off you. Squirming?!

That’s it, mister. March yourself right back downstairs and get back over my knee for a hairbrush spanking. Move it!

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