British Fiona Dagger – Mesmerizing Your Step Sis FullHD

British Fiona Dagger - Mesmerizing Your Step Sis FullHD

British Fiona Dagger

(This was originally filmed as a custom video, and there is also a 4K version of it available in my store!) You’ve taken your step sister out to see a famous magician’s show this evening, and as you arrive back at your apartment your step sis and you chat about the night so far. Your step sis admits that it was a very fun evening, though it was kind of embarrassing how she was called up on stage to be part of the act – and it was even more embarrassing because the mind games didn’t work on her! You’re surprised and ask what she means – you watched her do everything that the magician told her to do, so surely she’d been put into a trance…? But your step sis insists that no, she was only going along with it because she felt bad – she thinks that kind of stuff must just not work on her! You’re surprised by this, as she seemed so convincing up on the stage, and you ask her if she can remember what the trigger phrase he used was. She can’t quite remember it, but it pops back into your head – and just as you say it out loud, your step sis freezes and seems to go slack! You’re shocked and half expecting that she’s faking it again, so you say the release phrase, and your step sis seems to wake up again, looking a bit confused.

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