Hazel Simone – Dad Makes Daughter Collect K9 Cum FullHD

Hazel Simone - Dad Makes Daughter Collect K9 Cum FullHD

Hazel Simone

“Are you fucking kidding me dad? I’m not going to help you collect DOG CUM” your bratty teenage daughter looks at you with disgust as you proceed to tell her the only way to masturbate the dog is to have her ride him and then collect the cum from her pussy. “I’m pretty sure you don’t have to do that daddy, isn’t that what vets are for? OR you could just take our dog over to the breeder people and the dogs could hump like normal… I’m not stupid dad, I’m pretty sure you’re just a pervert.” You keep bothering her until she snaps. “FINE DAD! If you want to watch your DAUGHTER fuck the DOG, I’ll do it. But just know you’re a fucking disgusting pervert.” She begrudgingly starts to stroke him before sliding her teen pussy onto his hard red cock. She shames you while she rides him, telling you what a perv you are for having such a twisted fantasy. Mid sentence, the knot slips in “oh my god daddy why is it so big!? It feels like it’s ripping me open” she cries, but soon she’s moaning. You watch as your girl is knotted by the family pet, cums on his K9 cock, and is filled with a huge hot load. Afterwards, she collects it in a container and hands it back to you.

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