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Sweet Butterfly – Caught a stepsister watching porn! SD 2020

Sweet Butterfly - Caught a stepsister watching porn The night was restless. I just returned from a wicked party and could not fall asleep. After another half an hour of torment, I decided to go drink some water, but when I was in front of my stepsister’s door, I heard a noise. I crept closer, opened the door, and was dumbfounded by what I saw. Left alone in her room and thinking that everyone was already sleeping, my sister lay in her bed with her legs widely spread and masturbated her hot pussy. I quickly turned on the camera on my iPhone and started shooting. The thought that I was doing something forbidden began to arouse me. I took out my dick, and without stopping filming my stepsister, I began to jerk it off. I was about to cum right at her door, when my stepsister suddenly noticed me. She was not embarrassed at all; on the contrary, she began to moan a little louder and beckoned me closer. Obviously, she really wanted sex, and she did not care that I was her stepbrother. Clutching my excited cock tightly with her fingers, she began to gently caress a swollen excited head with her tongue and then plunged it into her mouth...
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Santy Cruze – Fucking her stepbrother instead of cleaning! SD 2020

Santy Cruze - Fucking her stepbrother instead of cleaning It was a great weekend day – the sun was shining and I was getting ready to go out and do my thing. I noticed my stepsister, crawling around in the kitchen, cleaning the floor. “What’s up, stepsis? Aren’t you supposed to be at a party?”, I asked. “Exactly!”, she responded angrily, “the parents forced me to clean the house instead and now I have to stay in instead of having fun! I hate you all so much!” “Well, there’s no need to be rude. I also clean the house from time to time! Alright, I gotta go, you have fun with your mop!” The sister stopped me – “Listen, honey… I want you to help me and I’m willing to pay for it!” “Pay? I’ve got a better idea, my sweet stepsis! I wanna fuck you…”
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Night Fairy – Hard choice: stepsister’s trust or forbidden sex? SD 2020

 Night Fairy - Hard choice: stepsister’s trust or forbidden sex My stepsister and I are very close, although we are only stepsiblings; she treated me like a real older brother, because I always tried to help with her problems. However, this day revealed our true feelings for each other! I just sat on the couch and scrolled through the Instagram feed, as my stepsister disturbed my loneliness. She was very upset and talked about her problem with a guy. From her story, I immediately realized that he behaves like an asshole, but deciding not to upset her even more, I said that it’s better not to take such decisions in a hurry. The same day in the evening, stepsis found me in my room. She came in tears and reported that her boyfriend had cheated on her. I felt terribly sorry because she is a beautiful girl, and would be a gift to any man! I tried to reassure her, hugging a little, and immediately felt my pecker showed some interest. My stepsister also noticed this, and with surprise on her face, took it out of my pants. We looked at each other, thinking about a taboo on sexual intercourse between us, but our feelings became stronger than any prohibitions...
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