Jmac, Joslyn Jane in Power Gurl vs Revenge Crew Vol 2 FullHD 1080p

No Hard Feelings
Revenge Crew Boss, Mr. Tropical and his top Henchman, High Frequency are plotting revenge on Harley Quinn. In their last battle, Harley stole all the powers from High Frequency. He had to eat over 100 pounds of spinach to get his strength back and he hates spinach.
Fast forward a month, High Frequency tracked down Harley and recovered her famous bat. He gave the Boss a map to Harley’s location…Just then, Power Gurl flies into the hideout. The boys are startled at first but she ensures them, there are no hard feelings. She has a dossier on Harley Quinn with specific details on her one an only weakness. The Revenge crew is excited and thank Power Gurl for the inlet. Mr. Tropical leaves the room to verify the Intel leaving Power Gurl alone with High Frequency. Her boyfriend, Mr. Terrific has not been satisfying her to her standard and wants some good D!
High Frequency is happy to curb her craving for cock and offers up his big Dick for Power Gurl to suck and titty fuck! The Buxom Busty Beauty knows exactly what to do and the two go to town on Mr. Tropical’s couch…
Bad Intel
Resting gently in bed knowing she gave the Revenge Crew a pile of bad info. The info was only half correct and Harley Quinn kicked their asses all over the City…

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