Ms Price Helena Price – Stepmom’s Surprise XXXMas Impregnation HD 720p

Stepmom, has had a rough year, from her husband leaving her, to losing her job. Her Stepson has been helping to pay the bills. When she comes home on Christmas Eve with no presents, and nothing to eat except for protein bars, Stepson starts to break down, finally its all too much. She tries to console him and lets him know that they can enjoy spending time together, doing whatever he wants. It takes him a while to get out the words, that he wants to spend some intimate time with her. Stricken by guilt, Stepmom sheepishly disrobes, and offers to give him a hand and nothing more. Those soft hands wrapped around his cock feel so good, but Stepson wants more, much more. He pushes her boundaries, and convinces her to use her mouth. Being that she hasn’t had sex in quite a while, she cant help but get aroused, which embarrasses her even further. This is also the reason she wasn’t hard to convince to bring her Stepson in the bedroom to take things further. The session steams up, finally Stepmom gets on top and ravenously claims her orgasms. She doesn’t realize that her Stepson is cumming until it’s too late, she tries to dismount, in hopes that he didn’t cum inside her…but we can see it oozing out of her hot furry pussy…

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