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A taboo tale as old as time. You catch your sister undressing in the bathroom and your world is forever changed. That night, as you lie awake tossing and turning, tormented by your guilty conscience, a seductive voice lures you in…a succubus who has taken the form of your lil sis! You can’t resist the enticement of this sister siren apparition who’s breathing heavy and drooling all over your cock…and you accept her into your “heart and hearth,” she greedily begins to indulge herself on your engorged cock as she consumes your lust.

Your taboo desires are quite the feast for this hungry sex demon and as it dawns on the succubus that she has taken the form of your little sister, she turns her eyes on your younger sibling. Your lil sis has also been feeling weird since you saw her changing…she can’t stop thinking about whether or not you find her body attractive. Suddenly, she breathes in the succubus’ scent, a major aphrodisiac, and your once innocent little sister begins seeing her body as busty and beautiful, she checks herself out in the bathroom, undressing and playing with her pussy until she’s so overwhelmed she has to go to her room to masturbate about you, her older brother…while you’re getting your dick sucked and fucked by a magical sex demon who looks just like her! The succubus begins teasing you with what your lil sis is doing to her body right now, how she’s thinking of you as she fingers her tight pussy and you can’t resist, you give in completely to the succubus who rides your dick til you nut deep in her cunt. The succubus laps at your dick, licking it clean and then smiles as she shows you your little sister moaning for you and cumming.

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