Mindi Mink – Mom Son And The Bully Part Three HD mp4 [720p/American / N. California/2018]


Jordan shows up at Mindis house again and asks her if she had fun the last time they were together. Mindi says absolutely not! Jordan then informs her that he wants to have sex with her again, when Mindi refuses, Jordan shows a video of when he fucked Mindi in front of Jimmy. He wants to please Mindi but if she says no, he will expose the video on the internet. Mindi goes into her son Jimmys room to inform him that she has no choice but to fuck Jordan again… in front of him AGAIN or Jordan will post the clip on the internet. Mindi is now the one humiliated by the situation. She realizes that Jordan has lied from the very beginning and apologizes to Jimmy for not believing him and for putting him through the humiliation of watching her get fucked in front of him. She begs her son to do his best to not allow this to bother him. She informs Jordan he has no clue on how to satisfy a woman and begins to explain and show him how she likes to be touched. She takes her top and begins rubbing her big tits in front of him… She takes one of her nipples in her mouth and shows him how she likes her nipples sucked. She then shows him how she likes her clit lightly touched through her panties. When she turns around, she sees that her son has an erection and is astonished by it. Jordan wants to eat Mindis pussy but Mindi continues to warm herself up. She then allows him to lick her pussy… She realizes Jimmy is really enjoying what hes watching. Mindi has Jordan lick her ass. Mindi wants Jordans cock inside her, Jordan happily slides his hard cock in Mindi. Mindi asks Jimmy if he wants to see his own mother cum all over Jordans cock? When Jimmy says yes, Mindi has a big orgasm! She wants Jordans cum inside her pussy… Jordan blows his load inside of Mindi. Mindi admits that she did enjoy herself and that Jordan fucked her better than she though he would. Mindi is very confused about what just happened…

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