Taboo MILF Kristi – Fuck the Gay Away 2015


What’s wrong honey? You look so upset today! Tell mommy what is wrong with you….. WHAT?! You can’t be serious…. you can’t be….. GAY! I can’t believe this… my only son… my sweet boy…. is gay?! NO I do not and will not accept this! I cannot accept that my son is…. GAY! We have to fix this problem now, honey. We are going to have to pray the gay away. It’s the only way… now pray with me honey, pray your gay disease away! Is it working? NO?? Are you sure? The pastor said that praying would make your gay go away. Mommy is just going to have to pray harder….. honey! I just had a heavenly intervention… I was told that if I can’t pray the gay away, I’ll have to fuck it away. You know mommy is a devote Christian but I must listen to what our saviour tells me to do…. honey, I have to fuck your gay away!

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Duration: 00:35:37
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