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Part 1 — My little step sister Stacey has been seeing some new asshole named Joey. She has the tendency to see guys that don’t treat her too nice. It’s probably cuz she’s kind of a slut. Today before her date, she came to me in an EXTREMELY revealing outfit and asked me for help. She wanted me to help her take some cute selfies for her new boyfriend. I don’t usually get involved in her romantic bullshit, cuz I hate to see her get treated badly, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see more of her in this outfit. She took me to her room and started to strip!! She wanted me to take pics cuz I “knew all her good angles”. She even took off her panties and spread her pussy! My lil step sis is hot and I hope she texts me some of those pics


Part 2 — I sure do love my little step sister, but my god is she a slut! She was about to go out on another date with her new douchebag boyfriend, and she came out after her shower in a towel asking me for help with something. She said she wanted help picking out an outfit, so fuck yeah I was down to help. I wasn’t about to miss a chance to see that big beautiful ass of hers. Well, she was more interested in “relieving some tension” before her date. She spread her legs and said I needed to help her relax. Fuck it. Mom and dad are away, it’s just me and Stacey, and I’ve been dying to taste that pussy since forever. I ate her ass and sucked her clit and holy fuck does she taste good. Her new boyfriend can kiss my fucking ass for real

Part 3 — My sister Stacey and I were hanging out again. I was admiring her in her little sexy PJs while mom and dad were away. She wouldn’t shut the fuck up about her new boyfriend though. I was sick of hearing about it but then she started talking to me about how much of a great big brother I was, and how she loved how I ate her pussy the other day, and how she wants to return the favor. Then she’s on her knees unzipping my pants. I love my family so much

Part 4 — My parents are gone and it’s just me and Stacey again. She called me into her room and we got right to it. We’re past all that bullsh*t like “it’s weird you’re my sister” and “we shouldn’t be doing this”. Nah, we were DTF and I we were both chomping at the bit waiting for our parents to leave tonight. I ate her pussy every which way, 69, and clapped those big black cheeks, and we wrapped it up by her taking a big fat load of milky cum all over her cute little face. I love my lil step-sister

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