Angel The Dreamgirl – My wife`s next maid used and fucked FullHD [1080p/studio/68591/]

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The other day my wife accept a new maid. The previous maid did’t come out to work… why?! The reason for my wife was unknown. The new maid was younger than the previous one, she was sexier and seems she did not wear panties, at least all the two days that she worked, I did not see her panties only she wore pantyhose and her sexy maid uniform. In one day, my wife go shopping and I stay alone at home. A new young maid is already cleaning up in our house. She was finishing cleaning in the bedroom and I decided that now is the right time.
This cutie did’t wear panties again only just pantyhose, seamless pantyhose tan color. I began to touch her, she began to resist. I was persistent and my cock was deep in her throat. She asked me to stop. But when I began to fuck her pussy through seamless pantyhose, she began to like it and she began to have pleasure. I was ready to come as at this time she was already at the limit and could no longer restrain herself, I made her get an orgasm! It was great, after I cum in her pussy, my jets of cum pour out and shoot inside her. After that, she pulled her hose and left me. I see her tomorrow again.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Doll Fetish – First training my secretary FullHD [1080p/studio/68591/]

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After that, my boss wrote to me in the chat. “I’ll call in a few days and then we’ll get that hotel room.” “No fucking way, you bastard. I’m never letting you touch me.”
I’ll come to a meeting that would preserve my reputation. My boss was from the first day obsessed with me and he wants to fuck me, I always rejected any of his proposal for a meeting anywhere. He said that it would still happen and laughed. But what happened two days ago made me embarrassed and his last message…
I was not going to undress for my boss. I said that I will not do this and I do not care that he can fire me. He told me to dance for him, I did not want to do it. But in some magical way I do this, I undress for him. I vaguely remember everything that was happening, as if it was not with me, as though my boss was controlling my mind, I did everything he wanted. When I wake up from the magic d.o.p.e, I was in the sperm of my boss, as it happened I can not remember. He used me, dirty bastard.

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WebcamBarbie – Mommy Roleplay mp4 []

Mom Barbie was shopping for a new dress and presented the sexy outfit to her son. She saw that Harrisson was kind of depressed, because his girlfriend had broken up with him. She opened her new white blouse two more buttons, so her beautiful breasts were better exposed. She knew that he couldn’t resist Mom’s charms, and she always took his hard cock as a compliment. When she sat next to him and kissed him, she noticed his big erection through his jeans and decided to do something about it. She wanted to feel junior’s huge cock in her again. What a good boy! He licked and sucked her tits and nipples so passionately, that her pussy was completely wet. Barbie pulled down his jeans, placed his stone hard cock quickly in her soft mouth and blew him so intensely that he had to stop her. What a sight when his Mom lay on the sofa, showing him her shaved pussy, inviting him to finger it and make her crazy with his tongue. Finally he slipped his cock into Mom’s horny cunt, and he fucked her fast and hard. Harrison enjoyed watching Mom’s fantastic bouncing boobs and slid his cock out just in time to jerk off a fat load which squirted all the way up to her adorable tits till they were are covered with his young man juice.

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Primals FANTASIES – Jillian Janson, Avi Love, Violet October, & Alex Coal – Halloween Project Funding HD (720p/

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Jessica’s father is sick of her bratty behavior. He tells her over the phone that she’s staying at her mom’s house, and he doesn’t care that it’s Halloween and she made plans already. Knowing her slutty, hot, young friends will come by to pick her up for the occasion, he decides he’s going to use a secret trick to get a Halloween “treat” from them they’ll never forget.

When they do come by, he invites them in saying Jessica will be home soon. As they’re sitting on his couch waiting, they’re overcome with this overwhelming desire for their friend’s father and begin to FIGHT each other to get to him first. When they finally make it to him, each girl competes to get to him, and his cock, first.

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Xev Bellringer – You, Me And My Mouth HD (720p/

My pussy gets so excited, so wet… when I think about your hard cock in my mouth. Just look at my soft lips, this warm tongue, my tight throat… they were designed to pleasure you… to make you cum. Your throbbing dick belongs in my mouth, and I was meant to suck it. If only you knew how much I fantasize about men using me… about being orally penetrated every day. These dirty thoughts are pushing you right over the edge, aren’t they. Don’t cum too soon… I want to savor your cock for as long as possible!

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Xev Bellringer – Worshiping My Favorite Part Of Your Cock FullHD (1080p/

There are so many things I love about cock, things that make me weak just thinking about… the smell, the taste, the shape. Those big, full balls and that rigid, thick shaft really get me going… but my favorite part of a cock is the bulbous, sensitive cock head. Oh yes, the way that rounded, taut tip parts a woman’s lips… it was made for penetration. Just like I was made to want it… to need the excited, engorged crown penetrating my holes. Let me show you just how much I adore and obsess over your cock head, showering it with soft kisses, tonguing it wetly, rubbing my slippery fingertips across the tight, warm surface. How much stimulation can this throbbing head handle before exploding with cum?

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Primals FANTASIES Tana Lea – Mental Domination Master’s Mark HD (720p/

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Tana stops by a very reputable tattoo shop for some new ink. Everyone’s been talking to much about this place that she decided to come there. She wants to get her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her lower back and leaves the job in the hands of the professional that is in the shop. When the tattoo is finally completed, she sees that instead of what she wanted the “Master artist” tattooed “Obedient Slut” on her. She loses her , but, something about the tattoos allows the “artist” to control the way she sees things, and becomes submissive to his every demand.

Tana comes in to help the artist at the tattoo salon. The work he has in mind is a little different than what she’d anticipated though.

Tana is a fully trained slut slave, willingly and submissively serving her new master.

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Xev Bellringer – Virtual Anal sex – Simon Says Bend Over FullHD (1080p/

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Fantasy includes: babysitter, older woman/younger man, virtual sex, virtual anal sex, fake cumshot, voyeur, dildo fucking, stripping, orgasms, coercion, virtual cock sucking, virtual ball sucking, virtual breast groping, bouncing tits, virtual kissing, spanking, ass shaking, woman following orders, blackmail, pov

Your new babysitter is staying at your house all weekend … and she is hot. It’s just the two of you and she promises to make it FUN. What wouldn’t be fun about staring at that curvy body for days on end, even if you sport a raging erection in front of her. You want to see so much more though… you want to see her naked! Why else are you pressed up against the bathroom door, spying on your babysitter getting ready to take a shower, stripping down to nothing while on the phone with her boyfriend! She is so horny, a whole weekend without his dick… and SO excited to feel him inside of her ass for the first time. You watch her take a dildo out of her backpack and slide it slowly into her tight pussy from behind. You can’t believe what a slut she is, fucking herself in your parent’s bathroom!

You pull out your phone and record her pushing that cock in deep, over and over again until she she moans and gasps in ecstasy. Oh, you will have lots of fun with your new babysitter… She’ll do anything you asked to keep your parents from seeing that video. Anything at all… Even if it means letting you fill her ass first the first time.

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Sweet Milk Tits – Mommy’s Wet soapy ass. Ass worship, shaking, and teasing HD (720p/

Mommy’s had a full day and a bath always relaxes me before bedtime. Hot warm water with tons of bubbles to rub on my ass for you. Bending over and exposing my rear to you while teasing you with my wants. I want you to put your face in my ass and worship it. My plump little booty is all yours ass I shake it making clap sounds and move it bath in forth to tease you for some doggy style fun.

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