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aincest - 2630 Dillion Carter in Pop Star Idol
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scene one: tongues are sexy
dillion is drinking a ice tea looking at herself in the mirror. she is sticking her tongue out to the side practicing her new look. her dad asks her what she is doing. she says this is what all the boys like now and that it makes her look hot. her dad thinks it makes her look dumb. she looks at him and moves her tongue around. dillion tells him it means she is good at sucking cock and drinking cum. she pulls off her top and plays with her tits and tells her daddy that she is a naughty girl that sucks cock. dropping to her knees she sucks on her dad’s hard cock, showing off her tongue skills. he cums in her mouth and she gulps it down
scene two: twerking
dad finds his daughter ashton in the living room in her bra and panties. she is bent over the couch shaking her ass in the air. ‘why are you in your underwear?? her dad asks. she is practicing twerking for a concert that is coming up. she asks if she can practice dancing with her dad. she grinds the front of his pants and rubs her body all over. she reaches between her legs and touches her dads cock. she pulls down his pants rubbing her pussy over his hard dick. taking off her panties she dance fucks her father in the living room. she energetically shakes on his cock causing him to cum inside his little girl. she tells him that’s how she likes to twerk at concerts.
scene three: sugar daddy
a 40 year old man has just come to the door to see ashton. the dad tells him off and goes upstairs to yell at his daughter about seeing someone so much older than her. he opens the door to her room to see her tied up and sprawled naked on the bed. ashton yells at him for sending the man away, she was going to let him fuck her for tickets to a upcoming concert. she rethinks her plan and tells the dad he can do anything he wants to her if he buys her the tickets. he can’t control himself and fucks her on top of her bed. he is pissed off at his daughter and lets her know it by fucking her mouth and pussy hard. he cums inside her and leaves her tied up. she thanks her daddy for the fuck and the tickets.
scene four: concert slut
the night of the concert and ashton returns in almost nothing. her dad yells at her for being such a slut lately. ashton becomes furious, she pushes and swears at her dad. he has had enough! throwing her to the ground he fucks her dirty talking mouth. flipping her over he removes what little clothes she has and fucks her hard. putting her back on her knees he cums all over his daughters face while he makes her stick out her tongue. she looks defeated and says that she will be better.

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